Data “governance” empowers innovative services, and elderly care is injected with cloud “wisdom”

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that ” We must persist in safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood in the process of development, encourage joint efforts to create a better life, and continuously realize the people’s yearning for a better life.” All elderly people enjoy basic old-age care services.”

One-click car calling, home delivery, safety warning, remote medical treatment… Faced with the growing living needs of elderly residents, elderly care services are facing digital transformation.

How to use numbers to “rule” each How to inject cloud “wisdom” into elderly care? In recent years, Huangpu District has built a smart elderly care information platform, deepened the application of online and offline scenarios, and continuously upgraded the “smart elderly care” integrated comprehensive service management information platform, striving to realize the transformation of the old service operation mode from traditional passive services to active services. Better benefit the elderly in the community and bring a different sunset red to their old age.

“Online + Offline” mode starts,< /span>Create a “10-minute” pension service circle

< span class="data-bgcolor--tt-darkmode-bfbeb9">In recent years, the District Civil Affairs Bureau has centered on the new benchmark goal of “high-quality development and high-quality life”, focused on the diversified elderly care needs in the new era, and balanced community elderly care service facilities according to local conditions Layout, revitalize all kinds of service resources for the elderly, and actively build a “10-minute” elderly care service circle.

At the end of 2018, Huangpu District will Take the lead in exploring the “online + offline” Internet + elderly care service model, create an integrated comprehensive service management information platform for “smart elderly care”, and complete the second phase of deepening transformation in the following year. The function of the platform integrates “online service, online management, and offline operation” to realize the transformation of the old service operation mode from traditional passive service to active service. After the platform was launched, through the exchange and sharing of big data with various committees, bureaus, and streets, the audience and coverage of various elderly care services have been continuously improved, and the precise matching between service needs and elderly care service projects has been strengthened. The department can have a more comprehensive understanding of the development direction of the needs of the elderly in the region.

Since 2020, The District Civil Affairs Bureau continues to promote the application of smart elderly care scenarios with the concept of “focusing on high-frequency matters and service scenarios involving the elderly, and adhering to the parallelization of traditional service methods and intelligent service innovation”. Actively promote the implementation of 20 smart elderly care application scenarios in the four categories of safety protection, nursing services, health services, and emotional care released by the Civil Affairs Bureau, and guide enterprises and social forces to actively develop solutions to solve the needs of elderly care services and the elderly The bottleneck of the connection between supply and demand at both ends.

“Cloud Senior Care Cooperative” debut,Breaking the “Digital Divide” of Community Elderly Care

How can rich pension resources “go from the hands of the residents to the residents’ side” ?How can elderly residents cross the “digital divide” and enjoy the convenience of “digital homes”? In Bansongyuan Road Street, “Yunshang Elderly Cooperative” has become the best choice for elderly residents.

“Ban Song Yuan Lu Street is a residential community with obvious aging. “The relevant person in charge of the Bansongyuan Road Street Service Office introduced, “With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, we have found that the needs of the elderly in the community for a better life have become more diverse, high-quality and new. “From October 2020 onwards, Bansongyuan Road Sub-district, combined with the construction of the “10-minute” elderly care service circle, promotes community smart elderly care, advocates the concept of digital elderly care, deepens the reform of the supply side of elderly care services, and innovates to create a “cloud elderly care cooperative”.

The “cooperative” is based on the WeChat public account of the street The access port is embedded in the column of “Songyuan Life-Smart Elder Care”. The elderly in the community can browse through the mobile terminal or self-register to enter the four core application sections of “medical and food support” for the elderly, and click to select the assistance they need Service items; service providers directly meet the needs of community home care services through the platform; government management departments can not only supervise the service quality, but also issue various pension welfare coupons to specific elderly groups through the platform for the elderly to use on the platform. Then settle with the street.

Passed In the past two years of development, the registered users of the platform have reached about 25,700, covering all 22 residential areas and some residents in outer districts and streets. Invitation to participate in the one-year Shanghai Urban Digital Transformation Experience Exhibition.

In the future, “Yunshang Elderly Care Cooperative” will continue to focus on the focused management of elderly care services, truly realize the integrated implementation of policies for the elderly, integrated tracking of the elderly care service process and service quality Integrated monitoring, elderly care services to make the data visible and checkable.

“Pocket Warmth” team attack,< span>Light up the life of the elderly in the community

The Guangqi residential area in Yuyuan Street is a typical “elderly” community in the old city. As the community continues to introduce the concept of “smart elderly care”, many elderly people living alone and in difficult families are constantly feeling the unique “palm warmth” from the era of digital “governance” empowerment.

As technology develops faster and faster, and contactless services are safer during the epidemic, residents’ demand for smart products is increasing. However, many elderly people do not know how to use smart products and their children are not around, so Turn to the neighborhood committee for help. Wang Wei, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Guangqi Residential Area, told the reporter: “The houses in our community are basically more than 20 years old. Although the hardware is old, the volunteer service team is active and the atmosphere of self-government is good. In the usual grassroots governance of the community, we I quickly noticed that smartphones can become a ‘little helper’ for us to contact the elderly, release convenient information, etc., making the digital age no longer cold.”

“Little girl, don’t know about the Internet How can I make an appointment to see if something is wrong?” “How can I see the nucleic acid test records that came with the bid?” “Here we go again, and I forgot what I taught last time.” In the face of various problems raised by the elderly in the community, in Guangqi Neighborhood Committee, through the offline special volunteer service, the neighborhood committee Staff and community volunteers help elderly residents learn how to use smartphones, how to use WeChat to keep in touch with neighborhood committees and volunteers, and how to check their own nucleic acid testing information. On weekdays, the WeChat group of the Kuang-Chi Volunteer Team is particularly busy, and the neighborhood committee workers and volunteers are like “network stewards” for the elderly residents. Once an elderly person raises a need in the group, the volunteers always respond in a timely manner. During the epidemic, for some elderly people who live alone and have a history of serious illnesses, the WeChat group has also been transformed into an “emergency contact assistant”. Whose elderly needs to dispense medicine on behalf of them, who needs to run errands on behalf of them, and a mobile phone can “respond to all needs” of the elderly. Wang Wei said frankly: “Through the simultaneous development of Internet and offline elderly care services, smart elderly care is making life better for residents in old cities.”

< span>In the future, Huangpu District will also deepen the construction of digital elderly care services, provide more new products and services for the elderly in the community, and explore new ideas for digital transformation, new plan. Through various digital applications, the service tentacles are better extended to every corner, so that the digital dividend can benefit every elderly resident, and create a sense of happiness that is “visible and tangible” in the “10-minute” elderly care service circle.