Can’t make it to the World Cup? The Cuju Conference and the “Shi” World Cup are equally exciting

The World Cup is in full swing! Offline, with the help of the World Cup, the “battle” of various merchants in Huangpu has also been upgraded layer by layer, launching various fancy “hot spots” and launching football marketing activities to attract consumers to patronize.

In Shanghai Raffles City, a The Laifu “Shi” World Cup is being staged hotly. Fans’ bench & dress-up seats, fans’ gas station, football match-ups, penalty kicks… Multiple interactive check-in points allow you to experience the sense of ceremony on the pitch.

In the “Fans Substitute & Dress Up Seat” area, the styling teacher creates football-themed creative hairstyles, allowing you to experience different styles; in the “Fans Gas Station” area, you can not only meet three Five friends watch the game live, chat more freely, and enjoy the joy of your favorite team’s victory together; in the “Moneyball” area, you can transform into a player and experience the excitement of “shooting goals” on the field.


In addition to sports, there are many food stalls waiting for you to taste. In addition, here you can also experience the novel and interesting “Shi” World Cup theme painting, draw your favorite team, and cheer for them.

In the central square of Yuyuan Mall, The “Cuju Conference”, which will be staged continuously this weekend and next weekend, is equally exciting. Speaking of Cuju, this activity originated in the Warring States Period and was officially recognized by FIFA in 2004 as the origin of world football.


This event specially invited more than ten national first-class football players, dressed in flying fish suits of different colors, to perfectly reproduce the grand scene of the ancient Cuju competition.

With the drums at the four corners ringing , the kick-off ceremony is about to start. The referee dressed in white gong sounded, and the fierce Cuju competition was about to begin. The players of the two teams wore red and black flying fish suits respectively, and their movements were brisk and dexterous, which was very eye-catching on the green lawn.


Seeing the wonderful game, many citizens and tourists are already eager to try. On-site, a number of experience activities have been prepared, ranging from low to high difficulty, which can satisfy fans of different levels. For example, in the activity of “Who will play the ball”, the winner will be the winner after a certain number of continuous and uninterrupted juggling of the balls. The “Cuju Liugongge” where the takraw ball is shot into the goal, the “Mountain Crossing Race” where the ball is crossed over obstacles, or the “Bowling Bowling” where you hit “the horse is turned on its back”, all of which allow you to show your personal charm. Even beginners don’t have to worry, there are referees and NPCs teaching the whole process, which will definitely let you experience the joy brought by football.