Daiyue Rural Commercial Bank and Tai’an Hongze Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for bank guarantee cooperation

Correspondent Lu Dong Wang Yuhao

In order to give full play to the core leading role of party building and deepen the cooperation model of “party building + business development”, on November 18, Daiyue Rural Commercial Bank and Tai’an Hongze Financing Guarantee Company held a Signing ceremony for party building and co-construction and bank-insurance cooperation. More than 20 people, including members of the party committees of both parties and the principals of relevant departments and offices, attended the meeting.

Sun Faxue, Party Secretary and Chairman of Daiyue Rural Commercial Bank The batch guarantee business cooperation of “Together” and the emergency on-loan business of small and medium-sized enterprises are innovative work to solve the financing difficulties and expensive financing problems of small and micro enterprises and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. Tai’an Hongze Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., as a municipal government financing guarantee institution, has continuously strengthened the construction of guarantee system, guarantee tools, digital transformation and risk control management in recent years, and took the lead in launching batch guarantee business in the whole city. The holding of the cooperation signing ceremony will definitely push the cooperative relationship of “co-construction”, “sharing” and “win-win” between the two parties to a new level.

The next step, both parties will use this As an opportunity, establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, give full play to the advantages of the industry, create a new pattern of win-win cooperation among “banks, insurance companies, and enterprises”, and contribute financial power to local economic development.

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