Daily Surprise | Two-pronged Approach

The series “Daily Surprise” is the post-diagnosis message sharing of Dr. Dong’s daily outpatients. Through these treatment experiences, we may learn more about the treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine, which diseases can be treated, the therapeutic effects of various diseases, the extent to which they can be cured, as well as the experience, experience and cooperation between doctors and patients during treatment. . Maybe you can understand more comprehensive Chinese medicine, and maybe it can help you bring more references and choices.

“Huangdi Neijing. Lingshu. Nine Acupuncture Twelve Origins says: “Although the disease lasts for a long time, it can still be cured. Those who say it cannot be cured have not learned the trick.” There is no disease that cannot be cured. As long as you keep working hard and don’t give up looking for a solution, you will be able to There is the possibility and hope of recovery, and we encourage each other.

J Moumou, 2019-06-15 , leave a message after the consultation:

Dr. Dong helped me today< span class="data-color--tt-darkmode-d35d5e">cupping + moxibustion health, can be described as an artifact.

Two-pronged approach, Replenishing yang qi, Removing dampness< /span>.

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Editor: Guo Juan

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