Coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood lipids… There are coups in the ointment to treat heart diseases

The temperature in winter is low, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, which is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular diseases, so it is particularly important to strengthen prevention and treatment. Jiang Weimin, director of the Cardiology Department of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that patients with heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia may wish to try the ointment for recuperation.

Ointment is a traditional Chinese medicine used for nourishing and strengthening, anti-aging and prolonging life, preventing and curing diseases. The tonic of ointment can be divided into six categories: flat tonic, tonic tonic, clear tonic, warm tonic, nourishing tonic and strong tonic. Medicinal and tonic medicines are mild in nature, without cold or heat bias, can nourish qi and blood, adjust yin and yang, and are suitable for sub-health status or general weak constitution. Tonic is suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach. The clearing and tonifying category nourishes the middle and clears the body. It is suitable for those who are physically weak and have internal heat, or those who are weak in the late stage of febrile venereal disease and manifest as deficiency fire. The warming and tonic type is used for people with yang deficiency and symptoms of yin and cold. Tonics are mostly used for those with Yin and blood deficiency. Jun tonic is used when the constitution is extremely weak, such as hemorrhage, after a serious illness, and for women after giving birth.

Dizziness, chest obstruction, palpitations, heart failure, insomnia, depression, etc. Blood sugar, high uric acid, etc. The course of the disease is long, and the pathogenesis is complicated. The onset is related to the imbalance of visceral qi mechanism and the imbalance of qi, blood, yin and yang caused by various factors. On the pathogenesis, it has the characteristics of chronic illness and multiple deficiency, chronic illness and kidney, chronic illness entering the collaterals, chronic illness leading to depression, chronic illness and phlegm production. Therefore, the ointment is suitable for those with chronic heart diseases and those who are weak.

For patients with coronary heart disease, the ointment treatment is mainly to strengthen the body and invigorate the deficiency. Supplemented by Tongyang Huayu to relieve pain. Because the ointment prescription is comprehensive, easy to take, and conducive to long-term adherence to treatment, it is most suitable for long-term treatment of stable coronary heart disease.

Ointment conditioningHypertensive patients, for those with high pulse pressure It can adjust the pressure; it can be stabilized for those whose blood pressure fluctuates up and down, and is very unstable. It can not only aim at the characteristics of patients’ symptoms, but also take into account strengthening the body and dispelling pathogenic factors. It can also pay attention to the balance of yin and yang, qi, blood, viscera and meridians, and improve various clinical symptoms. More importantly, it can simultaneously regulate metabolism, reduce the side effects of antihypertensive drugs, and protect target organs. , Prevention of hypertensive complications. It should be noted that in the early stage of hypertension, those with simple hyperactivity of liver yang and partial excess syndrome are not suitable for taking ointment.

For hyperlipidemia patients, ointment prescriptions are often used to strengthen the spleen and kidney To treat the root cause, and to treat the symptoms by promoting dampness, removing turbidity and eliminating fat. Because the evil of phlegm-damp is often stagnant and intractable, it must be treated for a long time and gradually reduced. The ointment is suitable for long-term use and is very suitable for treating the disease. Such patient ointments generally use less gum excipients, and use xylitol instead of sugar excipients for flavoring, so as to reduce the energy intake of patients.

Ointment has a good effect on conditioningchronic heart failure, especially in the replacement It can effectively improve physical fitness and immunity, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing cardiopulmonary function, reducing acute attacks of heart failure, improving exercise tolerance, and improving quality of life.

InsomniaThe pathogenesis is always a loss of yin and yang, and the ointment can be tailored according to different causes and fundamentally adjusted The balance of yin and yang, qi, blood and five internal organs functions in the body eliminates the root cause of insomnia and gradually relieves insomnia symptoms.

For patients with depression syndrome, the function of ointment is to nourish the heart and spleen, relieve Relieves stagnation of the liver, harmonizes the five internal organs, yin and yang, qi and blood, if you take it consistently, you will get good results over time.