Come on a blind date after get off work! There is still an endless stream of blind date men and women on Qianfo Mountain on Qixi Night

Reporter Chen Zhen Zhao Changchun

August 4th is the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the first day of the opening of the 16th Qixi Qianfoshan Blind Date Conference, 7pm, summer The spring city of Jinan is gradually shrouded in the hazy night. Although the night is getting darker, it still can’t stop the single “office worker” from going on a blind date. Many young people go with their friends after get off work, and take advantage of the night to find their loved ones.

“I was working in Changqing, and there was a bit of a traffic jam today. It took me an hour and a half to get here after get off work. After all, I am 29 this year. My family also started urging me, so I came over after work…” Xiao Zhou is from Jiaxiang, Shandong, and currently works in a state-owned enterprise in Changqing. Because he is a science and engineering man, he has only one love experience after working in technical work for a long time. “I have an appointment with my graduate students over the weekend, and I have to come again with them.”

August 4-7, more than 4,000 high-quality singles Men and women gathered in Qianfoshan, and Quancheng fell in love, coming for you, the 16th Qianfoshan Blind Date Conference is waiting for you.

The Qianfoshan Blind Date will be held from August 4th to August 7th. Lasting 4 days, the venue is still in the old place – the square in the east gate of Qianfoshan Scenic Spot. In order to facilitate everyone to find a blind date, the venue is open all day, and everyone can go up the mountain at any time to find the other half that suits them.