Coma, high fever… The man was admitted to the ICU with JE, or it was related to it

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Especially these two days are hot and humid and rainy

For those who attract mosquitoes with “physique” Saying

is just a nightmare

going out for 5 minutes

a dozen or so itches make you doubt your life

I believe many people have Experience of being bitten by mosquitoes


A patient with severe Japanese encephalitis came to Guangzhou for medical treatment

or related to mosquito bites

What’s going on here?

Introduction by the doctor

Patient Uncle Wang is in his fifties this year

He was in a high fever coma when he came to the hospital

blood Oxygen saturation can not be maintained at normal levels

“breathing is not very good

There are repeated frequent convulsions, lung infection”

It is understood

Before the patient was transferred to the hospital

he had been treated in the icu of the local hospital in Guangxi for two days

the patient was transferred to Guangzhou when the condition became more serious

After inquiring in detail, Director Hu of the Sixth Department of Neurology in the hospital

learned that the patient was a miner who had been working in the deep mountains for a long time

combined with the relevant examination results

it was believed that it was There is a high possibility of Japanese encephalitis

Doctor: He is a miner, combined with his medical history and the summer season, the first thing to think about is whether there is a possibility of Japanese encephalitis infection, and finally we are conducting epidemiological investigations. There is also a test sent to disease control and found that it is indeed JE.

news know more D

JE, is the epidemic B Abbreviation for encephalitis. Clinically, the onset is abrupt, with high fever, disturbance of consciousness, convulsions, tonic spasm, and meningeal irritation. Severe patients often have sequelae after the disease.

Since the cause is clear

then symptomatic treatment can be done

after antiviral, wake-promoting, symptomatic support and other treatments

Uncle Wang’s condition gradually improved

Also transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward

People are becoming more and more sober

Speaking of which

Isn’t the JE vaccine mandatory?

Uncle Wang’s Japanese Encephalitis

How did it come about?

The doctor suspects that

the virus comes from mosquitoes in his workplace

Hu Yunxin, director of the sixth department of neurology, Guangdong Sanjiu Brain Hospital: Japanese encephalitis is actually a Diseases of natural foci are mainly transmitted through mosquito bites, and the source of infection is mainly some livestock, such as pigs. In addition, many wild animals, including birds, are also its intermediate hosts. Once bitten by mosquitoes, the virus is spread by mosquitoes.

The doctor also said that

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is currently a compulsory immunization vaccine in my country

Newborns must be vaccinated

But this year Uncle Wang, who is in his fifties, was not vaccinated against JE when he was a child

The doctor reminded the neighbors to do a good job of anti-mosquito and anti-mosquito in their lives Work

clean up the water in the house

minimize the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes

cut off the transmission route

so it is safe< /p>

It should be noted that

If you have symptoms such as high fever and headache after being bitten by a mosquito

It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in time

Don’t wait and don’t drag