Cold and fever. The two kinds of medicine reduce fever, the fastest and most effective, do not hurt the spleen and stomach, and can be used by adults and children

Any externally contracted disease, the first response is very important. If you just find the signs of a cold and take measures immediately, the disease can be blocked back soon.

I remind everyone again and again that the initial stage of exogenous disease is very important, just like a fire, just a small flame, pour a glass of water or take As soon as the clothes flutter, it goes out;

If you wait until the whole house is on fire, don’t hesitate, run, no one but the fire brigade It can’t be destroyed.

When you catch a cold, although most people are cold on the outside and hot on the inside , but the treatment still has to be adjusted according to the specific situation.

For example, if the internal heat is severe, the fever will not go away. At this time, it is necessary to add a medicine to clear the internal heat, which is raw gypsum.

A friend had a fever two days ago , went to the hospital, the doctor gave him roxithromycin and Shuanghuanglian, let him go home to recuperate.

After returning home, he had a fever of thirty-nine degrees Left and right, they called me and asked me what to do, so I recommended gypsum japonica rice soup to him.

I asked him to go to the pharmacy to buy 15 grams of raw gypsum (not a large amount), and then boil it with a handful of rice. When the rice is cooked, he will drink the rice soup.

Generally burnt over thirty-eight People with a temperature of 38 degrees can use this method, but it is not necessary if it is below 38 degrees.

This friend took raw gypsum rice soup in the afternoon, and the result arrived In the evening, my body temperature returned to normal, and I did not have a fever again afterwards.

Gypsum japonica rice soup: the most The fastest and most effective way to reduce fever.

Zhang Xichun, a famous doctor in the Republic of China, was especially good at using plaster.

He tried to heal his 7-year-old child with raw plaster When he got a cold and a fever, he studied the medical book “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, which said that raw plaster is actually slightly cold, so he understood:

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In fact, raw gypsum is not as cold as people say, but slightly cold.

Since then, Zhang Xichun has a deep understanding of the use of plaster. He used raw gypsum to treat thousands of cases, and the effect was very good. He claimed to have used it all his life, so he concluded how to use raw gypsum. Popularizing the usage of raw gypsum is his contribution to Chinese medicine.

Zhang Xichun himself said: “Gypsum is used to treat febrile disease, the pulse is floating and strong, and the body is strong and hot. It is also used to treat all colds, who are not aversion to cold but have fever in the heart.”He The side of the gypsum japonica rice soup is really like a godsend.

Next, I will refer to Mr. The original text of Gypsum Japonica Rice Soup in “Record” is excerpted below.

【Excerpt from the original text】: Treat febrile disease at the beginning, the pulse is floating and strong, and the body is strong and hot. And treat all those who have just caught a cold, and the body does not have aversion to cold but the heart is hot.

Raw gypsum (2 liang, rolled into fine pieces), raw japonica rice (2 liang and half), topped with two flavors, boiled in three bowls of water until the rice is overcooked, you can get clear juice.

Drink it while it is hot, so that The whole body is sweating, and all diseases are cured. If the heat in the Yangming internal organs is already strong, it is not necessary to take advantage of the heat to drink it all at once, but to drink it slowly to dissipate the heat.

Gypsum japonica rice soup: raw gypsum 10-15 grams, rolled finely, about 20 grams of japonica rice, boiled in three large bowls of water until the rice is thoroughly cooked, aboutGet two big bowls of clear juice, drink it as much as possible while it is hot, and make the whole body sweat and heal. Usually, the fever subsides quickly.

Look, plaster It is heat-penetrating, it can clear the heat evil from the inside; drink the rice soup made from rice while it is hot, and use this heat to make the body sweat and disperse the body. At the same time, japonica rice can alsoharmonize the stomach qi, which is recorded in ancient books .

For example, Sun Simiao, a medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, was in“Thousands of Gold Prescription · Food Treatment” emphasizes that Japonica rice can raise Stomach gas, long muscles;

< span>“Shi Jian Materia Medica” also believes that Japonica rice can invigorate the spleen and stomach, nourish the five internal organs, and strengthen energy. Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records health preservation methods, eat more japonica rice porridge.

The japonica rice will not let the raw gypsum hurt the stomach, but also can Allowing the medicinal properties of raw gypsum to stay in the stomach can take effect for a longer period of time.

Because this medicine has a good antipyretic effect and does not hurt Righteous, and it is a traditional Chinese medicine that is not bitter, and children can drink it.

Many parents do not use traditional Chinese medicine because they feel that traditional Chinese medicine is slow to reduce fever , The taste is bad, and the child can’t drink it.

So,Gypsum japonica rice soup is really a good antipyretic for children, and after the fever subsides, it will not relapse as easily as taking antipyretics.

Later Zhang Xichun said something: (Gypsum ) is cool and able to disperse, and has the power to relieve the muscles. Those who have excess heat due to exogenous pathogenesis can use it boldly to directly win the Golden Elixir.

Note: calcined gypsum must not be used. Calcined plaster is used for trauma, it helps the muscle recovery. Calcined gypsum cannot be taken orally, but raw gypsum can be taken orally.