After the light snow, it’s time to replenish qi and blood. Remember to do 5 things well to keep your body healthy for the winter

Nowadays many people stay up late at night and cannot sleep well, which consumes a lot of energy and blood. We also often write this kind of articles. But there are also some people who are very healthy, don’t stay up late, and don’t do heavy physical labor during the day, as if they didn’t do anything, and their energy and blood are gone! Very tired, not well anywhere, uncomfortable.

This is often because the emotions are too much and are secretly consumed own energy. “Suwen·Yin and Yang Yingxiang Dalun” said:“People have five viscera and five qi, which produce joy, anger, sorrow, worry and fear.” The five internal organs on the material level of the human body will transform into “Qi” on the energy level, and Qi will transform into “God” on the information level. Conversely, God at the information level will affect Qi at the energy level, and this Qi can affect the specific material changes in the body.

Aconite is used in some traditional Chinese medicine to treat children with autism , use the energy of herbs to change the mental state of the child. It is also a process from matter to energy, and from energy to information.

It is very natural for people to have emotions. Generally, they will not harm themselves. The reaction of the spiritual consciousness to external things. If these activities are too sudden or prolonged, it will cause the disorder of Qi and blood in the viscera and cause the consumption of Qi and blood.

Look at these 5 In this case, how many have you won? Leave a message to talk about it. If you also have the following situations, be more gentle and patient with yourself!

anger hurts the liver : Use a little qigong before getting angry!

If you are often angry, it is easy to: dizziness or pain, flushing Red eyes, bitter mouth, chest tightness, hypochondriac pain, irritability. Hiccup, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and even fainting and violent fainting can be seen in some cases.

Liver Qi should be ventilated and organized without depression or anger. Excessive anger will injure the liver, cause liver dysfunction, and cause liver qi to go against and rise upwards. The so-called “anger causes qi to rise”, and the five internal organs will mutually restrain each other. After anger hurts the liver, it will then injure the spleen. This will not only damage the liver qi and liver blood, but also damage the spleen and stomach of biochemical qi and blood.

But it’s not impossible to be angry at ordinary times, let alone endure it is good. “The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Modern Medicine · Hiccups” says:“Anyone who suffers from tolerance, stagnation, and accumulated anger, and those who can’t use their fluids, often have symptoms of coughing. ” Mr. Nan Huaijin’s method must be learned, it is very simple! Use it before you get angry, it will not hurt yourself or others.

When we are angry, the body is very tense, as long as you let out a breath, the whole body will relax. Some people feel pain during massage and gua sha treatment, so don’t grit your teeth and endure it. Open your mouth and breathe out, and your whole body will relax. Mr. Nan Huaijin’s method first makes you relax, and then you have downward qi, which dissolves “anger leads to upward qi”.

Thinking hurts the spleen: learn to divert attention! Worry less!

If you think a lot, it is easy to: dizziness, daze, forgetfulness, Loss of appetite, abdominal distension and loose stools,Insomnia and dreaminess. Sullen and tired.

Excessive thinking or long-term thinking Mental depression will occur, causing qi to become stagnant and blocked, and the movement of qi will be out of balance, which will make the spleen and stomach unable to move and transform. Thinking will not only hurt the spleen, but long-term thinking will inevitably disturb the heart and mind, causing palpitations, forgetfulness, and listlessness Sluggishness, so it is also called “thinking sad spleen”. It can also affect the kidneys.

If you have the ability to solve something, solve it , I can’t solve it, let others solve it, don’t think about useless things every day, it’s easy to get old quickly, complexion is bad, heart and spleen are weak, and you’re very haggard. Usually, you need to develop a good habit of diverting your attention, and find something to do, such as cleaning, taking a hot bath, and massaging Neiguan acupoints.

The Neiguan acupoint is easy to find. It is on the inner side of the arm, two inches above the wrist crease. When selecting the acupoint, hold an empty fist Lay it up flat, and align the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the other hand with the transverse crease of the wrist as the criterion. The place where the index finger is pressed is the Neiguan point. Knead it when you are overthinking, knead it for 3 minutes, and you may slowly feel happy for no reason

Fear of hurting the kidneys: understand yourself more!

If a person is suddenly very frightened, it is easy to: less abdominal fullness, spermatorrhea, Two feces incontinence, alarmed and restless. If you are afraid for a long time, you will lose your hair and loose your teeth.

Although people with gallbladder deficiency and blood deficiency will have fear , but may have the greatest impact on the kidneys, the so-called “fear of injuring the kidneys”. Excessive fear can make the kidney qi not solid, the qi sinks downward, and the phenomenon of incontinence of feces and feces occurs, which is the so-called “fear causes the qi to descend”. Fear not only hurts the kidneys, but can also make you sad and make you unable to concentrate.

Fear can only be faced by oneself. If you fully understand it, the fear will naturally disappear. You need your heart Some courage.

Sad Lung: Doing things that make love really boosts immunity!

If you’re sad a lot, it’s easy: look pale, sigh and cry, Mental depression. Lung qi discomfort, chest tightness and shortness of breath, depressed and upset.

Excessive worry will damage the lung qi and make the qi movement unfavorable , arterial obstruction, abnormal ascending and descending. Sorrow not only hurts the lungs, but also hurts the mind, and also affects the spleen and stomach in the middle burner.

If a person is always sad, there will be a lot of nasal mucus, and when the lung qi is weak, the body is responsible for defending against foreign enemies It will be weak, the immune system will be weakened, and it will be easier to get sick. Usually don’t wrong yourself to do things that make you sad, it will do you a double harm physically and mentally, especially in this era. Try to do as many things you love to do, and be happy physically and mentally, which is the best immunity.

If you are often sad, eat more yams , the spleen, lung and kidney are balanced, and the body’s qi is replenished. It is suitable for everyone.

Happy and sad: There are not many happy events that can break the heart!

If you are too highWhen you are happy, it is easy: restlessness, trance, confusion, incoherent speech, erratic crying and laughing, and abnormal behavior.

This kind of situation is more common when you have someone you like, Or you get what you dream of, and you are very happy, but your whole person is erratic, and your expression is slack. People are in good spirits on happy occasions, and when you are happy, you will feel happy and relaxed. But if you are overly happy, you will easily lose your mind and lose concentration. If you suddenly encounter something too happy, such as “Fan Jinzhong Ju”, you will go crazy.

If you feel a little erratic when encountering a particularly happy event, you can put your hands together immediately, palms facing each other, sometimes I will close my eyes naturally, and I will soon be able to restrain my mind and calm down.

May you meet more When it comes to happy events, get used to it, and never be hurt by happy events.

Qing Dynasty Medical Scientist Wu Shang said: “For diseases of the seven emotions, looking at flowers to relieve boredom and listening to music to relieve sorrow is better than taking medicine.” Let’s look at flowers more, listen to songs, and do something you like! May you be happy and relaxed, even if one day is sad and painful, don’t indulge in it, just passing by.

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