Chinese medicine tells you: When ulcers occur on the lips and tongue, be careful! There may be a problem with your spleen and stomach

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Zhang, today we will talk about spleen and stomach problems.

When I change seasons every year, when I get angry, a small white ulcer will always grow in my mouth, which is called oral ulcer< in Western medicine /strong>, I usually feel very painful when I eat. Once I eat some spicy food, the oral ulcer will be very painful. I have also tried a lot of folk remedies, which may work at the beginning. Over time Development, medicines such as ulcer patches are no longer effective, do you know why?


Mouth ulcer is a common disease in clinical practice. Environmental stress, changes in lifestyle, and changes in the environment. Oral ulcers belong to the scope of “oral sores” in traditional Chinese medicine, which is a kind of inflammation. It is caused by hyperactivity of fire due to deficiency of yin, and its clinical treatment is mainly to invigorate the spleen and replenish qi.

Why are oral ulcers related to the spleen and stomach?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oral ulcers are caused by damp-heat accumulation and loss of stomach qi Related to , if you like to eat greasy and spicy food for a long time, or don’t like to eat vegetables and fruits, it will lead to hyperactivity of stomach fire, and mouth ulcers will often occur In addition to oral ulcers, weak stomach qi and flaming stomach fire can also cause symptoms such as bitter mouth, dry mouth, and bad breath. Clinically, ulcers are divided into two types, one is The common stomach ulcer and the other is duodenal ulcer. Note that both of these ulcers can lead to oral ulcers. If you have ulcers frequently, It is recommended that you go to the hospital to check to see which part of the ulcer is specific.

How can we prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers?

1. Acupuncture and moxibustion: take Chinese medicine orally, and then cooperate with acupuncture and moxibustion for external treatment, prick Hegu point > That’s it. After a period of time, it can relieve the symptoms of oral ulcers, but it also needs to be eaten with some green vegetables to enhance our body’s immunity and prevent recurrence or the possibility of recurrence.

2. Dietary conditioning, and medication : Pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy food, don’t eat hairy things, such as seafood, fatty meat, leeks and other foods , To avoid the spread of inflammation, you can use vitamin C ointment or oral ulcer stickers to maintain oral hygiene. After eating food, you must pay attention to cleaning your mouth to prevent infection in other parts.

Can eating watermelon cream, honey and sugar effectively treat oral ulcers?

1. Watermelon Cream: Watermelon Cream It has the effects of anti-inflammation, pain relief, heat-clearing and fire-relief. Appropriate consumption of watermelon cream can effectively relieve the pain of oral ulcers. When using it, you need to clean your mouth before using it, three times a day, three days Can be effective.

2, Honey: Honey has the functions of detoxification, sterilization and anti-inflammation, it can also promote metabolism, and can effectively prevent inflammation symptoms caused by bacterial infection. Clean the mouth, and then apply honey on the ring, three to five times a day, about three days, you can see good results.

3. Sugar: White sugar has relief of pain and irritation wound, so you must be cautious when eating white sugar to treat oral ulcers, because white sugar will burn when placed on the affected area, but it has a good bactericidal effect, which is consistent with the use of honey.