Change the angle, the world will be different

Another angle, the world will be different

When I was in school, there was a text that should be called “Tong Di Zhou”. A sentence that I remember is: “Even if the same egg is viewed from different angles, the shape will be different.”

At the moment of the epidemic, many residents have great opinions on the community and property. In fact, they paid more than usual during the epidemic. Why are you still not satisfied? Actually Just need to change the angle (from their point of view), there will definitely be more grievances (even sad).

Accompanied by reading and learning, many parents are dissatisfied with their children, thinking that they are not paying attention and not focusing.

Another angle, the world will be different, a stubborn person, you can grow him into a “person of firm belief”, a stingy person, you can make him Lao Cheng is a “thrifty person”, a person with a deep city, you can call him a “person who can foresight and foresight”.

The world (or other people) is a mirror. If you look uncomfortable (or not pleasing to the eye), you may be holding the mirror upside down. Try another angle.