Cardiac rehabilitation helped this young man regain his “heart”

Yangtze Evening News Network, September 24 (Reporter Ji Nana) Physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, postoperative rehabilitation, etc. are common in clinical practice. For patients with heart disease, a The new cardiac rehabilitation is gradually being familiar and accepted. From September 23rd to 24th, the “4th Mingci Heart Forum” was held in Wuxi. Nearly 50 famous doctors in the field of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment gathered together to “brainstorm” the latest academics of heart disease.

42-year-old Mr. Qian is a bus driver. He has both high blood pressure and diabetes. He has smoked for more than 20 years. In the past two weeks, he has repeated chest tightness and chest pain, which has become more serious in the past two days. He was out of breath and went to Wuxi Mingci Hospital after seeking medical treatment. Due to her serious condition, coronary artery bypass grafting was considered. However, because the patient’s actual body is not up to standard, preoperative intervention must be performed to exercise his cardiopulmonary function, and cardiac rehabilitation is put on the agenda.

It is reported that cardiac rehabilitation is recognized by the world as one of the important means to fundamentally solve the high morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease. Cardiac rehabilitation includes five prescriptions: drugs, psychology, exercise, smoking cessation, and nutrition. Among them, drug prescriptions in cardiac rehabilitation can provide patients with a systematic and comprehensive drug treatment plan, psychological prescriptions can help patients overcome the fear of disease, and exercise prescriptions can improve patients. Myocardial vitality can safely and effectively improve the cardiac function status of patients with chronic heart failure, enhance activity tolerance, and improve the quality of life of patients. Cardiac rehabilitation can improve cardiac function, delay the progression of arteriosclerosis, control risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, improve adverse psychological state, quality of life, shorten hospitalization time, reduce hospitalization costs, reduce mortality, and reduce recurrence. hospitalization rate and other advantages.

For patients with severe heart problems, the Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation of Wuxi Mingci Hospital proposes the concept of integrated management of cardiac rehabilitation, which is to intervene throughout the patient’s admission, preoperative and postoperative period, and adjust exercise therapy. Intensity and time, kind. Accelerate the recovery of cardiopulmonary function and physical endurance of patients. External counterpulsation is a medical device that can relieve and eliminate the symptoms of angina pectoris and improve the hypoxic-ischemic state of the heart, brain, kidney and other important organs through a non-invasive external treatment. Mr. Qian carefully followed the doctor’s advice, actively exercised and combined with external counterpulsation therapy to increase coronary blood supply and promote the recovery of physical endurance. After a period of treatment, Mr. Qian said that he was finally able to breathe freely, and the symptoms of chest tightness and chest pain disappeared. The hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation center has also obtained the “National Standardized Cardiac Rehabilitation Center” certification, becoming the sixth batch of national standardized cardiac rehabilitation centers in the country.

“Mingci Heart Forum” has been successfully held for four consecutive sessions, and it has become a bright business card for high-end dialogues among experts in the field of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment in Wuxi. At the forum on the same day, Huayi Xincheng and Mingci Hospital reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will promote Wuxi’s improvement in the field of cardiovascular disease by integrating the resources of top medical experts across the country, and then radiate to the surrounding areas. It is reported that Huayi Xincheng is a cardiovascular doctor group jointly initiated by more than 20 famous domestic experts including academicians and professors. They are committed to integrating and promoting the flow and sharing of high-quality medical resources in the domestic cardiovascular field, thereby promoting the heart of medical institutions in my country. An overall improvement in the level of vascular expertise.

Proofreading Tao Shan Gong