Cancer is not a terminal illness. If the patient has 4 physical manifestations, the condition may have improved, please continue

Nowadays, cancer is becoming more and more frequent. Many people talk about the color change of cancer. In fact, cancer is also a disease of the elderly. The probability of cancer will also be higher. It is precisely because the life expectancy in our country is now extended, coupled with the large population base in our country, so the number of people suffering from cancer in our country is also relatively large.

About 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and an average of 7 people die of cancer every minute. Every year in my country, more than 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer, and 1.2 million people die from cancer.

Scientists may find the source of cancer

Cell division or cell proliferation is a physiological process that commonly occurs in many tissues, usually cell proliferation and apoptosis will reach Balanced and carefully regulated to ensure the integrity of organs and tissues.

As the cell grows and replicates, it continues to accumulate new mutations like a snowball, and eventually proliferates uncontrollably It usually turns into a benign or malignant tumor. Benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body, or invade other tissues, and are not life-threatening unless they compress vital organs.

As early as 2010, Professor Richard, who was studying as a postdoctoral fellow, discovered that in the zebrafish melanoma model, The genetic signature of many cancer cells is more in favor of embryonic cells than mature melanocytes.

After more than ten years of painstaking research, Professor Richard finally led the team to discover the ATAD2 gene, which finally proved that: There are genetic mutations that are not sufficient for normal cells to become cancerous.

Cancer is not a terminal illness. If the patient has 4 physical manifestations, the condition may have improved, please persevere

1. The pain is obvious Relief

The biggest characteristic of cancer is pain, which can be light or severe at times, and can’t even be seen at night when it hurts Insomnia seriously affects daily life.

During the treatment, if you feel that the pain is significantly relieved and the body is more relaxed, it means that the treatment is effective It has played a certain role and curbed the development of the disease. At this time, we must insist on treatment and continue to maintain signs of improvement.

2. Reduce the number of cancerous cells< /p>

Relatively speaking, there will be different medical examinations during the stage of treatment, if the number of cancer cells has significantly decreased compared to the previous examination , indicating that the treatment of cancer is very effective, please continue to persist, and the cancer is slowly getting better.

3. Tumor Changes in markers

Check the blood to see the changes in tumor markers, you can simply judge Take a look at the curative effect. For example, EBV DNA is checked for nasopharyngeal cancer, CEA for colorectal cancer, PSA for prostate cancer, AFP for liver cancer, etc. If the level drops compared with before treatment, it means that the condition is improving.

But sometimes there will be some contradictory phenomena, CT or MRI contrast tumor shrinkage, blood test Tumor markers have also increased, and the results of the imaging should prevail at this time.

4. Inspection indicators improved

If you want to know whether the cancer is getting better, you can judge through some inspection indicators, such as imaging, tumor markers, etc. During cancer treatment, tumor imaging examinations will be performed regularly to monitor the curative effect , such as ultrasound, MR, CT, etc.

If the imaging examination finds that the tumor shrinks or disappears, the original chest cavity Or the reduction of peritoneal effusion, etc., which indicates that the treatment is effective, and the cancer cells in the patient’s body are shrinking.

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How can cancer patients live longer?

1. Staged treatment is very important

Many people will panic after getting cancer My God, in fact, the treatment methods and life expectancy for different cancer types are completely different.

Therefore, when treating cancer, it is necessary to make a staged treatment plan, give correct treatment methods according to different cancers, and improve postoperative care in order to prolong the life of cancer patients as much as possible.

2. Eat more anti-cancer foods

There are many foods in life that have certain anti-cancer effects, such as tomatoes, wild vegetables, etc., and eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as various fresh Vegetables, as well as fruits, these foods are very helpful in inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells and reducing the recurrence rate.

In terms of staple food, you can eat more fermented foods, such as steamed buns, because this kind of food is rich in probiotics , can promote the body’s digestion, improve the body’s immunity, and is very helpful for fighting cancer.

3. Adhere to regular review

When we are in the recovery period, the anti-cancer The struggle has not ended, and it is always facing the danger of recurrence and transfer. Therefore, regular review is essential.

Generally speaking, within two years after the end of treatment, you should check up every 3 months, and after two years Review once every 6 months. Usually, if you have abnormal pain, discomfort, newborn mass and other symptoms, you should see a doctor at any time.

4. Keep a good attitude

The most important thing for advanced cancer is to keep the patient in a good state of mind. Prolonging life in this way will have a better effect. Many people develop In advanced cancer, negative emotions emerge.

In the case of obvious emotional fluctuations, it is easier to stimulate the body to accelerate the development of the disease, so the most important thing is to pay attention Emotional control, through the maintenance of a good attitude to prolong life.

If the patient’s indicators are good , Tumor markers decrease, which means that the condition is getting better. As long as the patient persists and actively accepts the correct treatment, so as to stabilize the mentality, stay away from bad habits, insist on taking medicine, and do a good job in reexamination, it is not difficult to stabilize cancer cells.