Cancer cells prefer ‘sugar’ or ‘protein’? The research results are announced, after reading the knowledge

There are cancer cells in the human body, but because of the role of the immune system, it can inhibit the growth and reproduction of cells and avoid tumors.

After cancer surgery, some people hear that sugar is the nourishment of cancer cells, so they decide to ban Sugar, otherwise it will cause cancer cells to grow too fast.

After suffering from cancer, some patients pay special attention to their diet. They dare not even eat meat. Excess nutrition will provide nutrients to cancer cells. Sugar is the energy source of the human body, and the growth of cells requires the support of sugar, but it is unrealistic to control sugar to fight cancer.


Do cancer cells prefer “sugar” or “protein”? The results of the study are announced, and after reading the knowledge, it is up.

In the famous medical journal “Nature” In a published study, scientists used 6 different tumor models to simulate changes in the uptake of nutrients by the body environment.

Finally, it was found that around the cancer cells, the digestion speed of glucose is particularly fast. Glucose is the immune cells that enter the tumor and can Kill cancer cells for energy.

Cancer cells take in the amino acid-glutamine, a small protein molecule. If enough protein is taken in, cancer cells can maintain their own functions, It can also inhibit the sugar metabolism of immune cells and hinder the normal operation of immune function.

Cancer cells will ingest protein in the body , to avoid being recognized and killed by immune cells, so as to cut off the sugar metabolism pathway of immune cells and avoid threatening the health of the body.

Usually we should pay attention to a reasonable diet, supplement protein, and effectively fight cancer. Some people think that cancer cells like protein, and think that if protein intake is insufficient, the number of cancer cells will decrease. In fact, this statement is wrong.

Not only cancer cells, but also the normal functioning of the body requires the participation of protein. If protein intake is insufficient, it will lead to poor physical fitness and cancer Cells can also become rampant.


After being diagnosed with cancer, you need to do these 3 things

Lifestyle changes

Cancer patients should develop a healthy lifestyle, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and metastasis, and prolong the life span.

Adjust your mentality

Cancer patients should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude at ordinary times, which is conducive to enhancing the body’s immunity, changing the internal environment and preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Accept the facts and cooperate with treatment

The nature of cancer is very bad, and it is very harmful to the body. After suffering from cancer, don’t be too fearful and desperate, because some cancer patients cannot accept the facts, so they will not actively cooperate with the treatment, which will cause the disease to worsen.

So for cancer patients, they should learn to accept the reality and actively cooperate with doctors in treatment, which can also prolong the patient’s survival period and improve the quality of life.


Life What are the common cancer-causing foods?

Fried, grilled foods< /span>

There are a lot of fried and barbecued foods that are common in daily life. The carcinogen benzopyrene is formed, and regular consumption will increase the risk of cancer, such as liver cancer, gastric cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Spicy and stimulating food

Some people want to satisfy their appetite Desire, often eat some spicy and stimulating food, such as spicy hot pot, spicy hot pot, etc., the taste is irritating, but these foods will cause adverse irritation to the stomach and esophagus, easily cause inflammation, and bury potential hidden dangers.

Pickled, fermented food

Some people like to make pickled food , such as bacon, salted fish, etc., but it is easy to produce nitrite during the production process, which will be converted into nitrosamines after entering the human body, and nitrosamines are a type of carcinogen, which easily increases the risk of cancer.

In normal times, you should eat less pickled and fermented foods, and you should eat more fresh fruits or It is a vegetable that supplements nutrients for the body.