Can pharmacies carry out blood sugar testing? State Food and Drug Administration: Will study the relevant management system

This article is reproduced from: People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, August 4th (Reporter Sun Hongli) On the 4th, the State Food and Drug Administration announced on the official website “On the Fifth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” Letter of Response to Conference Proposition 02186. Regarding the “Proposal on Promoting the Development of Pharmacy Services by Pharmacists in Social Pharmacies”, the State Food and Drug Administration mentioned in its reply that in the next step, the State Food and Drug Administration will explore and formulate and timely issue the implementation specifications for the development of pharmaceutical services in social pharmacies. The competent department discussed the work of medical insurance to pay pharmacy drug dispensing fees and pharmacy service fees, and at the same time actively promoted the return of licensed pharmacists to their pharmacy services to provide high-quality pharmacy services for the people.

In addition, regarding the proposal to jointly formulate management measures for blood sugar testing in pharmacies, the State Food and Drug Administration stated that the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Health on Strengthening the Management of the Clinical Use of Portable Blood Glucose Detectors” and “Portable Blood Glucose Detectors in Medical Institutions” Management and Clinical Operation Specifications (Trial)” clearly pointed out that portable blood glucose monitors are suitable for non-diagnostic blood glucose monitoring, the operation and use of portable blood glucose monitors should be trained and qualified medical personnel, and it is necessary to establish and improve the clinical management of blood glucose monitors. system, and formulate complete recording and reporting methods for blood glucose and quality control test results.

The State Food and Drug Administration pointed out that whether pharmacies can carry out blood glucose testing and how to strengthen standardized management should be based on sufficient research and evaluation to clarify the purpose, principles, conditions to be met, and supervision of pharmacies. Requirements, etc., to avoid bad behaviors such as non-standard operation of personnel, unguaranteed quality control, and even induced consumption.

In the next step, the State Food and Drug Administration will actively cooperate with the National Health Commission and other relevant departments to conduct research on the management system related to rapid blood glucose monitoring in social pharmacies. Under the premise of ensuring medical quality and safety, explore more Facilitate the management of home-based pharmaceutical services for chronically ill patients.

It is reported that my country’s licensed pharmacist system was established in 1994. As of the end of May 2022, the number of qualified pharmacists nationwide was 1.35 million, the number of registered practitioners was 663,000, and the number of licensed pharmacists per 10,000 population was 4.7. There are 605,000 licensed pharmacists registered in drug retail enterprises, accounting for 91.3% of the total number of registrations.