Can lighting? It’s still delicious! This light comes to contract your camping atmosphere!

Author: Forced to operate De Meow

Lanterns in the park to feel the retro atmosphere – Lofree Luo Fei Jianye wax melting experience

Humans have an instinctive love and dependence on lights. Maybe because the light is a continuation of the sun, it can still give people a sense of warmth and security in the long dark night! In the past century, because of its excellent windshield design, horse lanterns have almost become a must-have item in people’s homes and going out!

Now we are in an era of electrification, and abundant electricity has spawned various forms of electric lights, which have long replaced the A traditional lantern fueled by kerosene. But there is an old saying – “fashion and retro are always reincarnated”, as camping became more and more popular, I also bought some camping equipment for myself, including the “horse lantern” from Lofree.

Speaking of the brand of Lofree, I can actually be regarded as half an old fan, although the contact time is only two Years, but crazy collection of its various products, such as keyboards, speakers, pickup lights, fans, etc., the biggest attraction is the recognizable design! This “horse lantern” actually has a hidden mystery, let’s unbox it and reveal it-

The retro and fresh outer packaging is a traditional family-style design, and the full thickness brings great No. Gift Satisfaction!

After unpacking, the “horse lantern” is revealed – in fact, its name is “Jianye Melting Wax Lamp” “.

The metal mesh cover of the wooden handle also continues the traditional “light regulator” design, which can not only prevent high temperature from being hot, Protect the bulb, and also play the role of heat gathering and uniform heat dissipation on the wax melting lamp!

The olive green lamp body looks fresh and restrained, similar in color to my pinellia suit It will not be overwhelming, and it is worth taking a closer look at the design, which can be naturally integrated into any scene!

You may have questions when you see this – what is that white can in the shot?

In fact, it is a good partner of this wax melting lamp “Xinjing · Essential Oil Candle”, also from Lofree.

The essential oil candle can be lit independently It can also be used with a melting wax lamp. The ebony fragrance released is neutral, and the light woody fragrance is not too sweet and greasy, and it smells like a soothing and refreshing feeling.

Because my camping is mainly summer play, I deliberately chose the evening when the sun is about to set, so I lit candles It turns the melting wax lamp into a traditional “candle lamp”.

For safety reasons, if you want to use it in outdoor grass or tents, it is best to use it with a standard interface that supports 220V The portable power supply, plug in and turn on the wax melting lamp mode will be more secure.

I have to say that this wax melting lamp is definitely an excellent camping equipment. It has both the functions of lighting aromatherapy and atmosphere creation. It can be regarded as a practical work with high value!

At home, this melting wax lamp can also be used as an excellent table item, thanks to the power supply Convenient, I can fully feel the joy of “melting wax” – halogen lamps can adjust different brightness, and also release different temperatures, quietly feel the warm atmosphere overflowing with aroma!

The design of this switch is also very clever – the adjustment knob and switch are combined together, following the principle of simplicity and practicality, I really like it! Extra! A “timed off” button is set, which can be turned on at the head of the bed for reading or before going to bed, which is worry-free and environmentally friendly!

I tried turning on the highest brightness for half an hour, and the temperature at the top of the lamp was about 40 degrees. The wooden handle mentioned above can play a good protective role.

There are two 25W halogen bulbs with the lamp, check the relevant information, the use of one halogen bulb The lifespan is about 500-600 hours, and it is not a big problem to use it for a year or two! The replacement cost is not high in the later period, which is very considerate!

In general, whether it is at home or camping, this Kanye melting wax lamp by Lofree is very good. As a little expert in creating atmosphere, how can you not love it? !