Can dark chocolate really help you lose weight?

Many people who lose weight are discouraged from chocolate, but some people think that there is, dark chocolate is a good weight loss tool, You only need a piece of dark chocolate to lose ten months of weight. Jin is not a dream.

Why do people think this way? This is because they believe that the caffeine in dark chocolate has the effect of suppressing appetite and giving people a sense of satiety, and the content of natural antioxidant polyphenols in dark chocolate is high, and polyphenols can speed up the body’s metabolism and play a role in to control weight gain.

But that’s not true.

Dark chocolate generally refers to chocolate with between 70% and 85% cocoa solids, or less than 12% dairy. It is composed of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, a small amount of sugar, etc., which is rich in iron and is a good food source for iron deficiency anemia patients, vegetarians, and iron supplements.

Let’s start by explaining the caffeine in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine per 100 grams, So what is the role of caffeine? Studies have shown that moderate intake of caffeine can improve physical function, enhance the ability of the brain and body, relieve fatigue in a short time, and reduce the pain of headache. However, there is currently no strong scientific evidence that caffeine can suppress appetite and make people feel full, and high intake of caffeine (about 150 to 200 mg per kilogram of body weight) is harmful to the human body.

What really separates dark chocolate from other chocolates is the cocoa butter and cocoa powder content. Milk chocolate contains at least 10% cocoa mass (separable into cocoa powder and cocoa butter) and 12% milk; white chocolate contains cocoa butter and no cocoa powder; between 70% and 85%. The minerals iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, etc., as well as various polyphenolic compounds, are mainly left in the cocoa powder. Related reports confirm that raw cocoa powder and dark chocolate are beneficial to the human body. Eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate is good for the circulatory system, can lower blood pressure and facilitate vasodilation; a small daily intake of dark chocolate can significantly increase the absorption of antioxidants, etc.

But so farThere is no substantial scientific evidence to support the claim that dark chocolate suppresses appetite and controls weight gain. And every 100g of dark chocolate contains 598 kcal (2,500 kJ), which is no less than milk chocolate. It’s just that the health benefits of milk chocolate are greatly diminished compared to dark chocolate.

Therefore, eating dark chocolate in moderation is good for the body, but it has not been proven to have weight loss benefits, and no matter how good it is, as a Dark chocolate, a high-calorie food, excessive consumption can still cause obesity.

The author of this issue: Li Xiaoting

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