Breeding knowledge: Can calves be fed fattening feed? How to feed calves grow fast?

During the breeding process, cattle farmers hope that their calves will grow faster and better, so as to speed up their slaughter, thereby reducing feed costs. Therefore, some cattle farmers will feed their calves Fattening feed, but this feeding method is not scientific. So today we will talk about how to raise calves so that calves can grow faster. Cattle breeders can refer to it.

1. Can calves be fed fattening manure?

Calf cannot eat fattening fertilizer. The gastrointestinal function of the calf is not fully developed, and the digestion ability is poor. If the calf is fed with fattening fertilizer, it is easy to cause the calf to have diarrhea and diarrhea. In addition, the fattening fertilizer has low nutritional value for the calf and cannot promote the growth of the calf. , therefore, calves cannot be fed fattening fertilizers.

Second, what kind of food do calves grow fast?

1. Concentrate feed. Before the calf is three months old, due to the poor digestive ability of the intestine, when choosing feed for the calf, it is necessary to choose a feed that is easy to digest, and at the same time pay attention to rich nutrition, so as to promote the growth of the calf. Use: Little shepherd feed – 5% calf premix, with 58% corn, 10% bran, 20% soybean meal, 7% cotton meal, so that it can meet the growth needs of calves.

In addition, we can also add to the calf: Duoweitaibao, to supplement the calf with trace elements and vitamins, so that the feed nutrition is more comprehensive, thereby promoting the rapid growth of the calf.

After three months of birth, calves generally enter the fattening period. During this period, if we want the cattle to grow faster and better, we need to add enough protein and energy to the cattle, so that the cattle can have sufficient protein to precipitate fat and grow fat quickly. You can use: Xiao Shepherd Premix-5 % beef cattle premix, combined with 57% corn, 9% bran, 22% soybean meal, and 7% cotton meal. This combination of feed can enhance the physique of the cattle and make the cattle grow faster and better.

In addition, we can also use: Feimei Taibao for cattle, using probiotics to promote the digestion and absorption of feed by cattle, so as to grow meat faster and increase fat.

2. Roughage. When the cow is still a calf, we try to feed the calf some easy-to-digest roughage, such as alfalfa or high-quality green hay. At the same time, we can cut the forage into pieces, which is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of the calf. For fattening cattle, it can be Feed roughage such as silage or corn stover. Put it in the trough and let the cattle feed freely.

However, it should be noted that in the daily feeding process, the cows should eat roughage first, and then let the cows eat concentrated feed. The promotion of cattle growth.

The above is how to make calves grow faster. During the breeding process, we need to follow scientific feeding Regularity can make cattle grow faster and better, and we can’t blindly pursue results and ignore some problems in feeding and management.