Beijing Shijingshan holds a cultural and tourism consumption market to create new vitality for consumption in western Beijing

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Recently, the “Show·Shijingshan” held by the Beijing Shijingshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Cang Art Museum has a YOUNG cultural tourism consumer market event. Open in Shougang Park. The event presents the leisure lifestyle and high-quality cultural tourism industry in regional cities through multiple consumption scenarios such as “cultural tourism + technology”, “cultural tourism + entertainment”, “cultural tourism + art”, and “cultural tourism + intangible cultural heritage”, enriching citizens’ play experience and satisfying The new demand of citizens’ cultural tourism consumption.

“I saw the immersive exhibition of the warehouse and also experienced the unmanned driving. Today is full of technology. It’s been a day.” said Ms. Wang, who had just experienced driverless driving. It is understood that a total of 1,000 driverless experience coupons have been prepared for this event. Citizens can get 1 ticket by purchasing the exhibition tickets to experience the surprises and convenience brought by high technology.

In addition to the technology-filled experience, this event also incorporates activities such as art and intangible cultural heritage.

On the first floor of the Licang Art Museum, a youth painting exhibition themed “Rejuvenation of a Powerful Country” is underway. For the first time, the outstanding paintings of primary and middle school students in Shijingshan District are displayed. The themes of these paintings cover the Winter Olympics, aerospace, technological innovation, etc., recording the children’s pride and love for the motherland. At the same time, a painting collection channel with the theme of “Rejuvenation of a Strong Country Has Me” was also opened on the spot. The outstanding paintings collected will be displayed in the online digital exhibition hall in mid-August.

In addition, in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, 15 intangible inheritors such as Beijing embroidery, shadow puppets and hairy monkeys brought Visitors can sign up to experience intangible cultural heritage projects and learn traditional crafts and cultural knowledge.

“In the next few days, rock and pop music and other live events will be held here, so that tourists can fully experience the vitality and happiness of Shijingshan cultural tourism consumption.” The person in charge of Licang Art Museum introduced.