32-year-old man got sunburned legs after rafting outdoors at noon

Yangtze River Daily, Wuhan Client, August 8th (Correspondent Zhou Shan) Outdoor swimming and rafting are the preferred summer recreational activities for many citizens. However, if the sunscreen is not in place, it is easy to darken the face and sunburn the skin when it is cool and cool, which is not worth the loss. On August 7, Mr. Liu came to the dermatology clinic to see a doctor because he was sunburned due to drifting at noon. His face was miserable.

Three days ago, Mr. Liu, 32, and his family went to a rafting place in Huanggang City to cool off from the heat. For the off-peak season, they specially selected the rafting time from 12:00 to 14:30 noon. Mr. Liu did not apply sunscreen and went into the water wearing shorts. On the same day, the back of his neck and legs were flushed from the sun, and intermittent application of aloe vera gel had no effect, but instead gradually appeared redness, blisters and burning pain. He hurried to the Department of Dermatology of Changjiang Shipping General Hospital and Wuhan Brain Hospital.

A nurse treats a sunburn wound for a patient.

The visiting doctor Zhan Shiping found that the skin of Mr. Liu’s back neck, bilateral thighs and calves was obviously red and swollen, covered with erythema, and there were many blisters of different sizes scattered on the skin of the calves. The largest was the size of a pigeon egg and was diagnosed with sunburn.

Zhan Shiping formulated a comprehensive treatment plan for Mr. Liu, such as blister pumping, cold therapy, external application of calamine lotion, supplemented by home cold compresses to cool down, and topical moisturizing agent. It is expected that the skin will recover in 1-2 weeks. Gradually recover. However, due to the severity of the sunburn, it still takes a long time for the skin’s pigmentation to completely subside.

Sunburn, also known as solar dermatitis, is an acute phototoxic reaction of the skin caused by overexposure to sunlight on the exposed parts of the skin. Zhan Shiping said that sunburn usually occurs 4-6 hours after intense sunlight exposure, and erythema with obvious borders appears on the irradiated skin. In severe cases, edema may appear, which usually peaks within 12-24 hours, accompanied by itching and local burning. pain or tingling.

Zhan Shiping said that when the weather is hot, playing by the water or in the water will reflect a lot of ultraviolet rays on the water surface, and it is more likely to get sunburned than on land. She suggested that it is best to go into the water before 10 am or after 5 pm for outdoor rafting, wear sunglasses, sunscreen hats, quick-drying long-sleeves, and long trousers for physical coverage and sun protection. If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you should apply it 15 minutes in advance. Sunscreen with waterproof function should be reapplied in time after sweating or wiping, and sunscreen should also be applied on the top of the head, ears and other parts.

Zhan Shiping reminds that if you accidentally encounter mild sunburn, local erythema, burning, tingling and other reactions, you should apply ice packs to cool down or rinse with cold water as soon as possible across a towel and clothing. And use a mild moisturizing cream. In the case of no skin ulceration, topical calamine lotion and glucocorticoids can be used to relieve symptoms. In severe cases, cold compresses with ice milk can be used; Go to a regular hospital dermatologist as soon as possible.

[Editor: Yu Lina]

[Source: Changjiang Daily – Changjiang Net]