beginning of autumn! A ray of breeze at night brings us the news of autumn

The autumn will come with a rain at night, and the sound of cicadas will begin to announce the autumn tonight.

——(Song) Yang Wanli’s excerpt from “Smell the Cicada on the Li Autumn Day”

Rotation between seasons

Silent, step by step

But always in a moment

let people breathe new breath

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Give us the news of autumn

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The sweltering summer is not yet over, the breeze is clear at the beginning of the night


It is a good companion for autumn

The wind in early autumn is gentle cool and cool

into late autumn

the wind is strong and bold

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The time makes the wind stronger

The wind makes the time have a story

< p>Sleep and fall without a sound

full-scale Wuye in the moonlight


is another good friend of autumn

moonlight Touching the Earth

Raising a glass to invite the bright moon

Toast to yourself and to hometown

A night of rain is cool enough to dream

Autumn comes on the lotus leaves

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A good friend in autumn

There is still rain

Thousands of households, laughter and laughter

Cool and rain

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The sultry evening dissipates

Good wind, good water

It’s cool and autumn

In the picturesque river city, the mountains look at the clear sky at night. ——(Tang) Li Bai’s excerpt from “The North Tower of Xie Hao in Xuancheng in Autumn”

The Wisdom of Autumn

In spaciousness and leisurely

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It is all-encompassing

Smiling for the stage of everything

It is leisurely

The sky is high and the clouds are light, which brings comfort

autumn is here

we will experience it by ourselves

the surprise of the golden wind and jade dew meeting

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[Editor: Yao Hao]

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