Before his death, the unknown beggar in the Qing Dynasty wrote a desperate poem, just 4 sentences, which makes people admire

Since ancient times, people’s impressions of poets have been either high-spirited or graceful and affectionate. In short, they are all images of “civilized people”.

But in history, there is an exception of a kind of poet. They are called “poetry beggars”. During the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, there was such a beggar. At the same time, he wrote a fatal poem, but it has been passed down to this day.

When he was found, he was found in his arms He was holding a piece of paper on which was written a “Death Poem”, and thinking of the poet’s life experience, the people present were shocked by it, and it became popular.

“Poem of Death”

Qing·Yongjia Poetry Beggar

His life experience is like a gull on water, and he crosses Nanzhou with a bamboo stick.

In the evening, the waning moon is full of rice bags, and the song board sings Xiaoqiu in the wind.

Kick the world over with both feet, and pick up all the sorrows of the past and the present with one shoulder.

Now that I don’t eat, why should the yellow dog bark endlessly.

The level of this poem is very high. Neat and elegant.

Reading the first 4 sentences carefully, there is a sense of graceful and graceful Liu Yong, who compares his lonely life experience to a gull on the sea, and the gull on the water uses Du Fu’s “Traveling”. What does the fluttering look like in Night Shuhuai, a sea gull in heaven and earth?”.

The bamboo stick is from Su Shi’s “Ding Fengbo”, “The bamboo stick and the awning shoe are lighter than the horse. Who is afraid? A misty rain for life. “No matter how miserable my life is, I am not afraid. Where I want to go, I will be firm and unshakable.

In the last 4 sentences, many of his strokes suddenly change, as if he is possessed by Li Bai, and every word gives a romantic and open-minded feeling. It’s really beautiful to associate his begging bowl with the moon in the sky, and he has to admire his attitude towards life that makes him happy.

He said, I will never eat food from others in the future, and even if I die of starvation, I will not join in with some people , which means that everyone is drunk and I am alone.

It is precisely because of the high level of this poem that it is not inferior to those well-known poets. The local officials are also very fond of this beggar. Admiring it, I found a place for him and set up a tombstone. The inscription on the inscription is the tomb of the Yongjia Poetry Beggar!

In fact, in history, poets are not only Su Shi, Li Qingzhao, Li Bai, etc., but also many poets who are unknown to everyone but whose poems have been passed down through the ages.

< p>And through these poems, it is not difficult to find that no matter what the status of the person is, as long as it is in the poems If he has achieved something in the past, then this person must be an extraordinary person.

Even in the present, we will People who have read poems and words and exported them well, look at them differently! The most typical example is Wu Yishu, who won the championship and exploded in the “Chinese Poetry Conference”!

Some people like this metaphor: children who love to play with mobile phones since childhood, if they see a pool of lotus flowers, they will shout: “Mom! Lotus!”, while children who have been reading poetry and books since childhood , as soon as the exit is, the lotus leaves are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers are different in the sun”!

However, if we look at the present, we will have doubts, why modern people rarely write What about poetry like the ancients?

In my opinion, it is because we have too little contact with poetry in modern times.

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I still remember that a reporter once interviewed Mengman, the judge of the “Chinese Poetry Conference”, and asked a question: The modern life is fast-paced and the work pressure is high. Reality, then what is the practical significance of reading poetry?

Mengman said this: Different heights. I do not know the true face of Mount Lu, only because I am in this mountain. “

If we want to jump out, when we look at it, the reality will be shown in front of us in a clearer manner.

There is a sense of transcendence in life, and only by transcendence in life can we face reality There is the most important help.

Childhood is the golden age of reading, especially for the study of ancient poetry.

Mr. Ye Jiaying said this:

And anyone who can Expressed, all of them read thousands of books.

“Familiar with 300 Tang poems and can sing even if they don’t know how to write poems.” If you read enough, speaking and writing will naturally become “like a god when you write.”

That’s what it says.

Let’s think back to whether the ancient poetry we remember now was remembered in elementary school. Now it’s not so easy for you to go to study, and you can’t even remember what you ate for lunch yesterday.

So if you don’t have a solid foundation in ancient poetry in this golden age of children, you’re basically out of the wits and beauties after high school and college.