Ascariasis in children is a high infection group, do you fully understand it?

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Human ascariasis is the most prevalent human helminthiasis in the world. Children are a high-infection population of ascariasis, and are often complicated by serious complications such as biliary ascariasis and intestinal obstruction. With the enhancement of modern living standards and hygiene concepts, ascariasis has become rare, but its existence cannot be ignored.

Routes of transmission of roundworms

Oral ingestionInfected eggs are the main route of infection in children;

➤Children can get infected while playing in contaminated soil.

Clinical manifestations

Symptoms due to larvae

1. Transition to liver:

When there are few worms, it may not cause symptoms;

2. Transition to the lungs:

Asymptomatic or mild cough may occur when there are few worms; dry cough, asthma, and fever may occur when there are many worms.

3. Transition to other organs:

Can cause symptoms such as meningitis, seizures, retinitis, swelling of the eyelids, etc.

Symptoms due to adults

1. Gastrointestinal symptoms:

➤Poor appetite, anorexia, partial eclipse, individual children may have heterophobia (like eating slag, clods);

➤Transient abdominal pain around the umbilical cord, the pain is irregular, recurring, likes to rub the abdomen when it is painful, and there is no tenderness and muscle tension;

➤nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation;

➤ Malnutrition, anemia and even stunted growth.

2. Neurological symptoms:

We can see listlessness or excitement, irritability, irritability, irritability, teeth grinding, convulsions, mental retardation, etc.

3. Allergy symptoms:

Hives, pruritus, angioedema, conjunctivitis, eosinophilia, etc. may be seen.

Common complications

➤Ascaris ileus

Complications are most common, with high incidence in children under 2 years old; most in the lower ileum, with paroxysmal cramps around the umbilicus or in the right lower quadrant, nausea, vomiting, and roundworms.

➤Biliary Ascariasis

The typical manifestation is paroxysmal severe right upper quadrant cramps, located on the right side of the xiphoid process, the pain can radiate to the waist, back, right shoulder blade, crying and rolling, bending over , sweating and looking pale.

➤Ascaris liver abscess

Adult worms enter the liver from the bile duct, and bring in bacteria to cause cholangitis and cholecystitis. In severe cases, the liver may undergo focal dissolution and form a liver abscess.

➤Ascaris appendicitis

Sudden whole abdominal or umbilical colic, followed by persistent pain in the lower abdomen, often accompanied by vomiting. When the pain is relieved, the appendix area can sometimes be felt ascaris cords.

➤Ascaris peritonitis

The symptoms of poisoning are obvious, and it is easy to be misdiagnosed as tuberculous peritonitis. Death can occur due to delayed treatment, and vigilance must be exercised.

How can ascariasis be prevented?

➤Controlling the source of infection: deworming and treating people infected with roundworms; conducting general surveys in rural areas, kindergartens, and primary schools in a planned way.

➤ Widely carry out health publicity and education work: popularize the knowledge of the harm and prevention of ascariasis; conduct regular inspections of health standards in collective canteens, restaurants, etc.

➤Develop good hygiene habits: do not defecate anywhere, wash hands before and after meals, cut nails frequently, do not eat uncleaned fruits and vegetables, and do not drink raw water.