Are you really healthy? Don’t step on these six health care misunderstandings, beware of backfire

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have become very concerned about their physical and mental health, and health preservation has become an increasingly popular behavior. At the same time, more and more people feel that having a healthy body is more important than anything else. Therefore, daily health care can not be less.

Nowadays, many people realize this and join the ranks of wellness. Many people know very little about health and wellness, and even some seemingly healthy “health” habits can cause irreparable damage to the body. Next, let’s use this article to understand what common “health” habits in life seem healthy, but they are actually harmful to health.

These 6 “healthy habits” in life, or the culprit that promotes the “loss” of health, should pay attention to distinguish

1. Drink bone broth to supplement calcium

When it comes to supplementing calcium through food, many people first think of bone broth. They believe that bone soup is white, thick and nutritious. The calcium in the bones will be melted into the soup by boiling. Drinking it can help the body to supplement calcium and other nutrients. In fact, not so.

A large part of bone broth is fat and oil, and drinking it will only increase purines and blood lipids in the body. For patients with gout and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, there is no benefit. Long-term consumption of such soup may also lead to the occurrence of some diseases. If you want to supplement calcium, you might as well eat more meat directly, or drink some milk. The ingredients in milk can supplement calcium well and generally have no side effects. In addition, a more direct approach is to get more sun exposure. The calcium supplementation effect of these methods is better than that of drinking bone soup.

2. Eat more supplements for health

Current living conditions Getting better and better, some people listen to the rumors, so they desperately eat various supplements, such as ginseng, deer antler, Ganoderma lucidum and other supplements. However, if your body is healthy, consuming large amounts of supplements can be counterproductive. Because supplements contain a variety of chemical components, these components affect the human body to varying degrees.

However, some medicines have side effects, such as ginseng, deer antler and other traditional Chinese medicines that may cause allergies or allergic reactions. Therefore, older adults should not take supplements indiscriminately and should judge whether to use supplements based on their physical condition and symptoms. For healthy people, a balanced diet ensures a balanced nutritional intake.

3. In order to maintain weight, only vegetarians

there are Some female friends do not like to eat fat in order to maintain their figure, because they are afraid of gaining weight. Secondly, many people have heard that vegetarianism can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so they are vegetarians every day. It needs to be reminded that long-term intake of high-fat diet can easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but not eating high-fat meat will also have adverse effects on health. This is because animal fats contain some nutrients that our bodies need, and not eating meat for a long time is not good for our health.

Therefore, for manual workers, they should eat a little fat. For people with low blood lipids in general, they should also eat some cholesterol-containing foods in their daily diet, which is beneficial to health and longevity.

4. Too long sleep time

Good sleep It is the foundation of health, but sleep time should be reasonably controlled and not too long. Although adequate sleep time can maintain endocrine stability, it does not mean that longer sleep time is better. Too much sleep will not only affect normal eating, but also cause insufficient physical activity due to too long sleep, which is very harmful to health. Therefore, daily health care should try to avoid falling into this misunderstanding.

5. Excessive consumption of fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamins, Eating fruits can supplement various vitamins that the body needs. However, it is not that the more fruit you eat, the better. Fruits contain a lot of fruit acids and sugars. Eating too much fruit, especially on an empty stomach, may burden the gastrointestinal tract, interfere with digestion, and cause bloating.

At the same time, fruit acid can be mixed with stomach acid to increase the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the mucous membranes, and have a certain impact on our stomach. In addition, fruits are rich in sugar, and long-term excessive consumption may lead to increased blood sugar and even the appearance of diabetes. If you eat too much fruit for a long time, it will affect the proportion of other food intake, resulting in nutritional imbalance. Therefore, for eating fruit, it is best to eat in moderation, not excessive.

6. Exercise in the morning

The elderly often exercise very early in the morning, and some even get up at 4 am to exercise. This habit is not necessarily healthy. On the one hand, plants do not photosynthesize at night, accumulating large amounts of carbon dioxide, resulting in poor air quality in the morning before the sun fully rises.

On the other hand, high coronary tension in the morning and sympathetic nerve excitation are easy to induce cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the elderly should choose to exercise when the sun rises after 6 am. Before your morning workout, drink some water and eat some breakfast to avoid low blood sugar. As for the location of the morning exercise, the elderly in the city should choose open squares or parks and avoid exercising on the side of the road. In addition, morning exercise should also be avoided in weather with poor air quality.

Therefore, don’t think that all health knowledge is good for your health, and do a good job of identification in your life. Usually, you need to live a regular life, arrange your diet reasonably, and develop good living habits. This is the correct way to open your health. In addition, the way of maintaining health varies from person to person, and what is suitable for others may not be suitable for oneself, and no matter what kind of health preservation method, you must remember that it is too much, and the right amount is very important.