Are those bone-cut female star faces okay? There are many sequelae, Yang Mi and Ju Jingyi began to collapse

In today’s society, women’s appearance is particularly harsh. Having a high appearance will imperceptibly increase personal resources, because the entertainment industry is very concerned about appearance. I care, some celebrities have embarked on the road of plastic surgery in order to make themselves look more refined, and they are out of control.

Compared to double eyelid cutting, hyaluronic acid injection, and nose pads, bone cutting has become the first choice of many women. The reason for bone cutting is to make yourself The face is smaller and more beautiful, but the sequelae of bone cutting are more obvious, the face shape tends to become strange, and it is even easy to lose the flesh in the later stage.


Are those bone-cut actress faces okay? There are many sequelae, Yang Mi and Ju Jingyi began to collapse

【Yang Mi】

The change of Yang Mi’s face shape is obvious to all. When Yang Mi first debuted, he was the most standard and generous point, and his face shape was also very flawed. Obviously, the face is square and the mandible is set back. When Yang Mi appeared again in the next few years, the shape of his face had changed. His face became obviously narrower, and the mandible that was originally set back disappeared.

When Yang Mi’s face became narrower and more refined, sequelae also appeared, that is, the shape of his face became a little strange, directly changing from a square face to It became a polygon. As time went by, Yang Mi’s polygonal face became more obvious. After cutting the bones, the extra edges and corners became more and more obvious. At that time, he was ridiculed by netizens, and he looked like “Nenniu Wufang”.

Yang Mi’s face at that time, although it looked better than the original square face It is much narrower, but the face shape is really afraid to take a closer look. After the tender cow’s five-square face lasted for a while, the face shape was adjusted again and became a small V face. After the bone was cut, the face shape became polygonal. The extra edges and corners are not so obvious.

In recent years, Yang Mi has been exposed from time to time with a broken face. From the comparison of the original pictures, his current face feels a bit unrestrained. It sounds very exaggerated.

【Ju Jingyi】< /span>

Ju Jingyi, known as the beauty of 4000 years, has a more delicate face now, but his early face is not as delicate as it is now, and his original face is relatively large , and wide, belonging to a square face, but now it has completely become a small V face, exquisite and small. In fact, he has gone through three stages during this period, and his current face is stage 3.0.

His face also has the same sequelae as Yang Mi, At that time, his face also had a polygonal feeling. After the bone was cut, the extra edges and corners were obvious, and the side of the face was still a little hard to hang the flesh. Now his face has become narrower, but it still has a polygonal feeling. The sides are sunken and the overall shape of the face looks unnatural.

His face can’t make large expressions, and he feels like collapsing when he smiles. Although he covers his face with his hands, he can still see it from the side His face is crooked, and the flesh on the side can’t be hung up one by one. When he talks, one side of his face is covered by his hair, and he can’t see the other side before he has time to cover it.The connection became a shoehorn, which looked quite exaggerated.


What is bone reduction surgery?

Bone cutting surgery is bone grinding surgery, which is to change the shape of the face by removing part of the facial bones a kind of surgery.

This kind of operation does not need to remove any bone, but only uses professional grinding tools to grind the outer layer of the bone thin. In order to change the shape of the face, there are two surgical locations: from the mouth and through the incision in front of the ear. Clinically, there are mandibular angle plastic surgery and high cheekbone plastic surgery.

People who underwent bone grinding surgery Should be in good health, no organic disease of important organs, no heart disease, no hepatitis, nephritis, pneumonia and other diseases, no source of oral infection, no dental caries, periodontitis, oral ulcers, etc. Female surgery should avoid menstrual period, Smoking should be stopped before the operation, and some drugs that may cause bleeding, such as aspirin, need to be stopped for a period of time before the operation.

Bone grinding surgery is a very strict and delicate operation, and usually has very strict requirements on the qualifications of surgeons , The whole process of bone grinding surgery also has strict operating procedures, so patients in need should choose regular and qualified plastic institutions to obtain good surgical results.


What are the sequelae of bone reduction surgery?

Sequelae of bone reduction surgery mainly include bleeding, nerve damage and bone thinning.

1. Bleeding: During the bone cutting operation, local blood vessels may be damaged, so it is easy to cause surgery Intraoperative and postoperative bleeding, if the amount of intraoperative bleeding is large, anemia may even occur, and postoperative bleeding usually causes local hematoma.

2. Nerve damage: During bone cutting surgery, local nerves may be damaged. As a result, postoperative surgical site paresthesia, such as numbness.

3. Bone thinning: bone reduction surgery will cause bone thinning, so if Without good protection, the surgical site will be impacted by external force, and the risk of fracture will be greatly increased.

4. Muscle distortion: When the doctor is not skilled enough, facial nerve damage during the operation may affect muscle movement. This leads to twisting of the muscles, and left-right asymmetry can occur during surgery if the doctor does not have much experience and control in this area.


What should be paid attention to after disinfection operationsomething?

1. Pay more attention to rest after surgery, minimize going out in the short term, and avoid collision with the surgical site ,influential impact.

2. The postoperative diet should be arranged reasonably. Eat more light vegetables and fruits, which is conducive to wound healing.

3. Keep the surgical site clean and hygienic after the operation, avoid getting wet, and do not rub hard.

4. After the operation, rest in a well-ventilated environment and maintain a happy mood, which is conducive to recovery.

These sequelae are mostly due to selection Caused by informal institutions and unskilled doctors. So to be on the safe side, try to choose a professional agency to do it. The doctors there have a high level of skill and are very serious when performing the operation, so the result will be ideal.