Are thick blood and hyperlipidemia the same thing? Pay attention to the four signs of thick blood!

When many people get the medical report, they often see a prompt: The blood viscosity is too high.

Blood viscosity is also called blood viscosity, which is medically called hyperviscosity. It is not uncommon for young people to have thick blood due to factors such as excessive food intake, smoking and drinking, and stress.


Symptoms of thick blood

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Dizzy in the morning and awake at night

People with high blood viscosity feel dizzy after getting up in the morning , there is no feeling of clear brain and smooth thinking after waking up.


Difficulty squatting, chest tightness and shortness of breath

The majority of people with high blood viscosity are obese. It is difficult for these people to squat, and some people can’t even squat to work, otherwise they will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

This is because for people with high blood viscosity, the blood returning to the heart decreases when squatting, and the blood is too thick, resulting in insufficient blood circulation, and oxygen and carbon dioxide cannot The exchange is completed, resulting in the lack of oxygen in the body such as difficulty breathing and suffocation.


Drowsy after lunch and must sleep

Drowsiness after eating is caused by the reduction of blood flow to the brain due to the large amount of blood flowing into the gastrointestinal blood vessels after digesting the food.

Normal people also have this symptom, but for people with thick blood or cerebral arteriosclerosis, this type of drowsiness is relatively frequent and difficult to relieve.


Paroxysmal blurred vision

Some middle-aged and elderly people have normal vision, but often have temporary blurred vision.

This is because the blood of people with high blood viscosity cannot adequately nourish the optic nerve, causing temporary ischemia and hypoxia in the optic nerve and retina, resulting in paroxysmal blurred vision.


A blood clot caused by thick blood?

Although blood viscosity provides a favorable environment for thrombosis, in related studies, blood viscosity is not a direct factor causing thrombosis. The cause of thrombosis is that atherosclerosis occurs in the artery, and the sclerotic plaque continues to grow and block the blood vessel; or the surface of the sclerotic plaque ruptures, which induces platelet aggregation, which leads to the formation of thrombus.

The reason why myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction easily occur at night is because of changes in blood pressure. The blood pressure of the human body will drop at night, and it will rise sharply in the morning, which is easy to induce arterial vasospasm, which in turn leads to plaque rupture and thrombosis, which has little to do with the viscosity of the blood.


Are blood viscosity and hyperlipidemia the same thing?

Many people tend to confuse blood viscosity with hyperlipidemia, but they are not the same thing. The main factors affecting blood viscosity are

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Blood cell factors: blood cell number, size, shape, red blood cell deformability, platelet function, etc.


Plasma protein, blood sugar, blood lipids, fibrinolytic activity, etc., including hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, are not well controlled.


Vascular factors: vessel length, diameter and intimal smoothness, etc. p>


Other factors of sadness Excited, panic and other emotions; long-term smoking, heavy drinking and other lifestyles.

It can be seen from the above definition that hyperlipidemia is one of the risk factors for blood viscosity. Hyperlipidemia It means that the blood lipid level is too high, which can cause blood viscosity, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, pancreatitis, etc.

Blood viscosity is caused by one or more kinds of blood Elevated viscosity factor makes blood excessively viscous and slow blood flow, which is a main feature of hyperlipidemia, not an independent disease. Blood viscosity is affected by many factors, such as eating, drinking, exercise, body metabolism condition and external environment, etc.

In short, patients with hyperlipidemia may have viscous blood, and patients with viscous blood do not necessarily have hyperlipidemia. But they can all lead to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, ischemic disease, etc.


blood viscosity What should I do if the blood is thick?

For a person, the blood viscosity is not static, but is in dynamic changes from high to low. In order to avoid blood viscosity, you can pay attention to the following three points:< /p>


Drink plenty of water

Many people have thick blood because they drink less water, sweat more, and blood is concentrated, especially in summer.

Drinking water can make blood Thinner, but to grasp the timing, such as getting up in the morning, 1 hour before three meals, and drinking about 200 ml of water before going to bed at night.



People with thick blood should exercise more and walk more when they have time. Exercise can make the blood flow faster, speed up the body’s metabolism, and prevent the blood from sticking. The intensity of exercise should not be too high. Walking, jogging, Tai Chi, swimming and other light-to-moderate aerobic exercise can be done 3 to 5 times a week, half an hour to an hour each time. Of course, don’t forget to add water after exercise.


Light diet

Animal visceral cholesterol is high, eating more will increase blood viscosity. In addition, high-fat foods and sweets can also increase blood viscosity. Eating more vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. will help reduce blood consistency. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water and are also rich in vitamin C and crude fiber.

Vitamin C can help lower blood lipids, and crude fiber can prevent cholesterol absorption and help reduce blood viscosity.

The blood is thick and can be big or small. Always be hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.

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