Dali was subjected to revenge tourism, Cangshan and Erhai became a sea of ​​people

Dali was subjected to revenge tourism, Cangshan and Erhai became a sea of ​​people# I have been to Dali many times, and after living in Dali for a period of time, I was deeply fascinated by the scenery of Dali. In fact, the most distinctive place in Dali is “leisure”, which is definitely not crowded, let alone so crowded.

It doesn’t make sense to focus on the ancient city like this. If you really want to travel for leisure, you can go to the ancient towns around Dali, where the culture and regional characteristics are very rich. Especially the Ancient Tea Horse Road, which makes people nostalgic. For example, the ancient town of Shaxi, although the place there is small, but very distinctive. Living there for two days will make one forget the hustle and bustle of the world. For example, Nuodeng Ancient Village, the village here is halfway up the mountain, and many places are almost closed to traffic. Everyone is on horseback. The ham here is particularly famous, and the Confucian Temple sacrifices are very distinctive; for example, Midu, the singing here is particularly beautiful. If you’re here for a day, you’re sure to sing some.

If Dali was full of people, it would be meaningless. The ancient city of Dali has also become a place to sell things, not to join in the fun. You can take an in-depth tour of Cangshan and Erhai Lake to experience Dali culture and the characteristics of the Bai nationality. I also understand why so many people are going to Dali now, mainly because the epidemic has been suffocated and they want to go to remote places to breathe. But there are so many people, if there is an epidemic or something, it will be really troublesome, and then it will be closed again. You, what do you say?

Ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts on this matter?

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