Are grapes the “fat” of thyroid nodules? Doctor: These 4 kinds of fruits should be eaten as little as possible

Dr. Jiang talks about health knowledge 2022-11-25 14:26Shandong Jiang Yong, Deputy Chief Physician of Internal Medicine Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University

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Introduction: Thyroid nodules are a very common thyroid problem nowadays, and the incidence of may be about Reaching about 19.8%,There are solid nodules and liquid.

Moving up and down in the process of people making recommendations, common in Family genetic medical history, patients with pharyngitis infection, overworked people, obese people, pregnant women and people exposed to radioactive substances.

Thyroid detection Most nodules are detected by color Doppler ultrasound. There is not much relationship between benign nodules and cancer. Physical health hazard.

In daily life,Everyone needs to take good care of the thyroid Work, especially in terms of diet, many people think that grapes can no longer be eaten when thyroid nodules appear, grapes are also the hair of thyroid nodules, So is this statement true or false?


Nutritional composition of grapes

Grapes It is the fruit of the grape family plant, which grows and distributes in the north of the Yangtze River Basin. The main producing areas are Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Gansu, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, etc.

Grapes are rich inglucose, tartaric acid, sucrose, fructose, citric acid, oxalic acid, malic acid;< /strong>

It also contains diglucoside and monoglucoside of various anthocyanins, and contains 0.2 grams of protein per 100 grams, 15 mg phosphorus, 4 mg calcium, 0.05 mg carotene, 0.6 mg iron, 0.03 mg and flavin, 0.06 mg thiamine, 0.1 mg niacin, 4 mg vitamin C.


Efficacy of grapes

Promote intestinal tract Metabolism and prevention of constipation

Grapes are rich in water, which can replenish water after eating grapes, which can effectively Promote intestinal metabolism , and thus achieve the effect of preventing constipation.

Supplement various nutrients

Through the above content, we can know that grapes are very rich in nutrients, not only rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C, but also anthocyanins and other minerals plentiful.

Eating grapes can not only bring a good nutritional supplement effect, but also can be used to prevent various nutrient deficiencies.

Whitening and anti-aging

Grapes are not only rich in water, but also rich in vitamin C and plant pigments such as proanthocyanidins.

Aside from the dose, eating grapes can bring a good antioxidant effect, for For female friends, it can be very good for whitening and anti-aging, and it can also actively promote the improvement of skin.

Stimulate appetite

The taste of grapes is sweet and sour, which is a very delicious food in itself. Eating some grapes properly before eating can stimulate appetite, make oneself more fond of eating, and also help to improve Problems with poor appetite.


The “root” of thyroid nodules has been found


Cigarettes contain thousands of compounds and hundreds of harmful substances, whether active smoking or passive smoking Smoking second-hand smoke can easily damage the thyroid , which can easily induce thyroid nodules.

Improper diet

Thyroid nodules are also closely related to improper diet. Many people have the problem of partial or picky eaters. Under such problems, long-term insufficient intake of nutrients will easily cause thyroid nodules. Nodules problem.

Bad mood

Staying in depression, anger, anxiety and other emotions for a long time, will easily cause stagnation of qi, loss of liver qi, body fluid will gather and produce phlegm, which will accumulate in the thyroid gland , Over time, thyroid nodules and masses will form.


Are grapes the “hair” of thyroid nodules?

In fact, for patients with thyroid nodules, grapes are not hair, nor are they thyroid Nodular hair.

The reason why some people think that grapes are the hair of thyroid nodules is mostly because grapes contain a small amount of iodine. The content of iodine element is very little. For patients with thyroid nodules, this iodine element has no effect on the thyroid gland.

In addition, grapes can help inhibit excessive secretion of gastric acid, can help quench thirst and appetizers, and grapes Rich in trace elements and anthocyanins, it can achieve the effect of beauty and beauty.

The water content in grapes is very high, which helps restore the body’s electrolyte balance and can effectively promote body detoxification. Therefore, grapes are a fruit with very high nutritional value. Eat some properly Grapes can bring benefits to your health.

For patients with thyroid nodules, it can also be appropriate Eating grapescan help increase appetite and improve malnutrition.

But we must also remind everyone Excessive sugar intake has a certain impact on the body’s endocrine, so please don’t eat too much when eating grapes.


Doctor: These 4 kinds of fruits should be eaten as little as possible

Mango< /p>

Mango is a kind of hot fruit. If you eat too much, you will easily get angry. For patients with thyroid nodules, it is not suitable to eat more mangoes.

If a patient with thyroid nodules eats a lot of mangoes, it will easily cause throat inflammation, which will inhibit the secretion of thyroid hormone and aggravate the disease development.


Durian is a very magical fruit. It smells stinky, but it tastes very delicious. For those who like to eat, they always feel that they can’t eat enough, but for those who don’t like to eat, just smell it. Stay away.

The nutritional value of durian is also very high. The laudatory title of “King”, but for patients with thyroid nodules, it is not suitable to eat more often.

Although durian has a very strong nourishing effect, its sugar content is very high. If you eat too much, it will easily hinder blood circulation. Conducive to the dissipation of thyroid nodules.


Bananas are rich in dietary fiber. Appropriate consumption of bananas can effectively improve the peristalsis speed of the stomach and intestines, and can also promote the excretion of feces in the body.

But for patients with thyroid nodules, it is best not to eat more bananas, because the magnesium content in bananas is very high, eating too much It is easy to increase the size of thyroid nodules in the future, which is not conducive to the stable control of the disease.

Lychee< /p>

For those patients with thyroid nodules, they should eat less lychee at ordinary times. Lychee is also a kind of hot fruit. Eating lychee often not only It will easily cause the problem of getting angry, and it will also easily affect the normal thyroid secretion.

Under this kind of problem, it will easily promote the continuous aggravation of the nodules problem, which will lead to the recovery of the disease.

So these fruits are a big incentive. It is recommended that you keep your mouth shut so that the nodules can be better dissipated , and the thyroid will “thank you” more.


< p data-track="58">When thyroid nodules are detected, 5 things should be avoided at ordinary times to prevent nodules from getting worse

1. Eat less greasy and spicy food, and try to eat a light diet;

2. Some thyroid nodules Patients with hyperthyroidism are prone to hyperthyroidism, and it is not suitable to eat iodine foods at this time, such as seaweed, kelp, seafood, etc.;

3. Pay attention to avoid sulking and irritability, and keep a happy mood;

4. Try to eat as little fat as possible, otherwise it will make the body Excessive intake of fat is also detrimental to the recovery of thyroid nodules;

5. Pay attention to reasonable rest, try not to stay up late, and maintain sufficient regularity sleep.

Conclusion: All in all, in the process of recovering from the disease, you must not take it lightly, and don’t be too worried and afraid. Diet conditioning can have greater benefits for the health of the thyroid gland.