Anus cracked while shitting? What causes anal fissure to heal for a long time?

Anal fissure is one of the most common anorectal diseases. Many patients report that although anal fissure is treated in time, the disease will still recur in life, and it is easy to relapse when stimulated , long-term cure, bring great misery to the patient. Today, let’s talk about the reason why the anal fissure does not heal for a long time?

1. Rapid disease development

In the early stage of anal fissure, severe pain can be caused by slight stimulation, and it can evolve into chronic and old anal fissure in a short period of time, and the condition develops rapidly. Therefore, when the signs of anal fissure are found, treatment should be given in time without delay.

2. Stimulation of anorectal inflammation

When the patient has anorectal inflammation such as perianal abscess and anal sinusitis, it is very It is easy to make the anal fissure wound infected, and anti-inflammatory treatment should be given in time, and the situation is more complicated, let alone self-healing.

3. Feces irritation

When the feces are too hard, the anal muscles do not adapt, causing anal fissures. When diarrhea occurs, the secretions in the feces are irritating and caustic, irritating the openings and making wound ulcers worse. And when the intestinal flora is out of balance, the feces become acidic, which can also irritate the crack, causing pain and inflammation, which is also a common reason for anal fissures not healing for a long time.

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