“A long-term person must have a noble face”: Keeping these places clean is the best feng shui

Zhuge Wuhou once said that the journey of a gentleman should be quiet and thrifty To raise virtue. There is no ambition without indifference, and no far-reaching without tranquility.

A true gentleman must cultivate his body and mind with tranquility, and improve his virtue with simplicity. If you can’t look down on fame and fortune, you can’t be clear about your ambitions. Without a peaceful mind, it is difficult to have a long-term future.

We often say “self-cultivation”. But what should be done in order to better cultivate one’s body and cultivate one’s temperament?

The key is to cultivate the mind. Cultivate one’s mentality, improve one’s realm, get rid of all “greed, hatred and ignorance” in the world, and face all difficulties and hardships of life with the purest attitude.

What does this so-called “purest” posture refer to? two o’clock. One is clean, the other is simple.

It is best to have a clean heart. It is best to be simple in one’s daily life. Don’t affect your heart because of material desires, and don’t get too entangled because of what you can’t get.

There is a saying that says, life is your own, not someone else’s. Life is inner, not material.

If a person can keep “clean and simple” in these aspects, that is the best feng shui in this life.

1. In terms of material desires, keep clean simple.

In this “materialistic” world, how many people become crazy because of money, how many people do things because of profit The “magic” thing is shocking.

Especially in recent years,There is no relationship between people, only Down endless money matter. This, in fact, is not a good thing, but the beginning of restlessness.

Imagine, if a person’s heart is restless, it will affect him if he is great, and if a group of people’s hearts are restless, then Isn’t the impact huge?

You can have material desires, but they cannot be inflated. Therefore, some people put forward the concept of “subtraction”, advocating “subtraction” in life, reducing the influence of material desires, and giving yourself a quiet and beautiful life.

The core of subtraction is “simple”. As for money, it’s good to earn almost as much as you can. If we get into the eyes of money, maybe we will not be happy in our whole life.

Even if it is a career, do your best, then you will have no regrets. The result or something, just leave it to God to arrange. All we can do is let nature take its course.

Second, in terms of false name, keep it clean simple.

Su Shi has a saying: “The name is floating, and the gods are exhausted. Sighing in the gap, the stone in the fire, The body in the dream.”

All the fame and fortune are meaningless from a macro perspective. It doesn’t seem to have much effect except to bring us fatigue and pain.

I just lament that life is like a fleeting moment, passing away in the blink of an eye. The moment the stone hits, the fire blinks, and life is gone in a hurry. You and I are both passers-by in dreams in this world.

The reason why people in the world can’t see through false fame is not because of the benefits it brings them, but because of them< strong>Can’t let go of the so-called face, and is affected by a little vanity.

In the “human society”, we often take “face” too seriously, as if it is gone If you lose face, your life will be difficult. What is the need for this?

If you can get a false name, get it, but if you can’t get it, forget it. Keeping your heart quiet and simple is the right way.

3. In terms of health preservation, keep clean simple.

In this era, we often hear the word “health preservation”. In this regard, we should think about a question, what is health preservation?

Some people think that eating health care products is health preservation; some people think that exercising every day is health preservation; It is keeping in good health.

Actually, what people pay attention to is superficial things. You must know that if you eat too much health care products, there will be more chemical substances in the body, which is not a good thing; blind and unrestrained exercise will affect the body; deliberately skipping meals is even more deceptive marketing rhetoric.

For life, Wang Yangming wrote eight words before he died: “This heart is bright, so what can I say.” Zeng Guofan I also sighed: “Keep your spirit with few words, nourish your spirit with little vision, and nourish your spirit with few desires.”

People, pure and simple to a certain extent ,There will be no distracting thoughts in the heart, the harmony between man and nature, and there will be no major problems with the body. With a clear heart and few desires, no deliberation in doing things, clean and simple, the future will be bright and promising.

Real health preservation is not so much about nourishing the “body” as it is about nourishing the “mind”. If you have a good mentality, you will have no distracting thoughts, and you will continue for a long time;

< span> Fourth, treat people and things, keep clean and simple.

It’s unnecessary to always be clever when interacting with others. People can count one person, ten people, but they cannot count everyone, let alone God.

When people are in the rivers and lakes, they always do things by unscrupulous means and go against their own principles to be a human being. When it comes time for God to “settle the ledger”, everyone is doomed.

Why some people can’t sleep when they are middle-aged or old afraid? It is because they have done too many bad things, and they have endless demons in their hearts.

Wang Shouren believes: “It is easy to break the thief in the mountain, but difficult to break the thief in the heart.”

Countless people have lost to the thief in their hearts, to the endless “evil thoughts”. Otherwise, if you don’t do anything wrong in your life, how can you be afraid of ghosts knocking on your door in the middle of the night? 、

Clean in body, bright in heart, maintain integrity in dealing with people and things, treat people with sincerity, and live a simple life, which is the way of inner sage and outer king.

Text/Deer in Shushan