Anterior lacrimal gland inflammation: Different syndrome types have different colors of pot printing! Damp heat bright red, blood stasis purple dark

Andrological diseases are mostly unhealthy living habits, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, etc., which lead to insufficient kidney qi, stagnation of qi and blood stasis, or disharmony between viscera, etc., resulting in prostatitis, impotence and other male diseases , to be adjusted in time.

Traditional Chinese cupping therapy can dredge the meridians, make Qi and blood flow smoothly, encourage the body’s righteousness, and help the body to expel evil spirits. Qi and blood are unblocked, kidney qi is sufficient, and resistance is enhanced. Combined with other treatments, the disease will naturally heal quickly.


Prostatitis belongs to the category of white turbidity in traditional Chinese medicine. It is one of the common diseases in men, especially in young and middle-aged men. It is mainly caused by hot and humid betting and gathering pudenda. It is related to sexual immorality, excessive drinking, perineal injury, and acute urethritis.

Color comparison chart of different certificate types

Moist heat betting type

< strong>The color is bright red with water vapor

Qi stagnation and blood stasis type

The color is purple and dark

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How to do cupping for damp-heat betting type prostatitis?

Causes of damp-heat betting type prostatitis:

1. Feel the evil external cold and damp (such as blowing for a long time Air conditioning, long-term exposure to cold and humid places, eating cold food), or often eating fatty and spicy food leads to damp heat;

2. Sexual life is unhygienic, damp and hot The evil qi from the male body invades from the lower body and stays in the sperm chamber (male reproductive organs), the turbid liquid is mixed, and the sperm leaves the place where it should be, causing this disease.

These symptoms will appear: Urinary dripping, red (red) pain, less abdominal urgency, perineal distending pain, urethral orifice dripping and cloudy. The tongue coating is yellow and greasy, and the pulse is slippery and rapid.

1 Cupping Taichong point

Choose the size Suitable cupping, suction and pull Taichong point, stay in the cup for 10-15 minutes.

Under the guidance of a professional doctor, the method of retaining needles and cupping can be used for better efficacy.

Reserve the pot once a day, 5 days as a course of treatment, until the symptoms disappear.

Usually pay attention

1. The diet should be light, do not eat spicy, greasy, raw or cold food.

2. Pay attention to rest, avoid overwork, and don’t stay up late.

3. Strengthen physical exercise and do more outdoor sports.

2 Cupping Shu points of Sanjiao

Walking cupping method

Continuously walking cupping on the back where the bladder meridian runs (apply essential oils on the skin, Then use the suction tank to slide back and forth, suction and pull out) until the skin turns red. After taking the can, suck and pull at the Shu point of the Sanjiao, and leave the can for 5-10 minutes. Quickly buckle the cupping jar on the Shu point of the Sanjiao, and it can be sucked.

3 Cupping Bladder Shu Point

(This picture is only for illustration, no clothes are used for cupping) This picture is for illustration only , do not separate clothes when cupping

Choose a cupping cup of suitable size to suck and pull at the Bladder Shu point, and keep it for 5-10 minutes. Keep the room warm, avoid drafts, and prevent cold.

4 Cupping Ciliao points

gpclassgp -img-caption”>This picture is only for illustration, do not separate clothes during cupping

Choose an appropriate size suction cup to suck and pull at Ciliao point, Leave in the jar for 5-10 minutes. The buttocks are rich in muscle, and the cupping time can be slightly longer.

Pay attention to daily conditioning, drink plenty of water, urinate frequently, exercise appropriately, don’t sit for long periods of time, ride a bike less, and don’t hold back your urine.

How to do cupping for prostatitis with qi stagnation and blood stasis?

Causes of prostatitis of qi stagnation and blood stasis type

1. The evil of dampness and heat cannot be improved for a long time (removal of dampness and heat) , phase fire (kidney fire) is stagnated for a long time and is not discharged, which is caused by necrotic sperm stasis from the seminal duct;

2. Emotional disharmony, depression and liver damage, liver Loss of dredging function, qi and blood circulation is not smooth, meridians are blocked, qi and blood stagnation;

3. Due to the combination of cold and blood, Jueyin collaterals are damaged , Qi stagnation and blood stasis, poor operation, so the disease occurs.

·These symptoms will appear: Sluggish and stagnant urination, swelling and pain in the perineum and lower abdomen, enlarged and hard prostate. The tongue is purple and dark, and the pulse is stringy and astringent.

1 cupping Weizhong point

First press and rub Weizhong acupoint with your thumb for 3 minutes to relieve soreness It is appropriate to feel the swelling, and then choose a suitable size cupping cup for suction and pulling, and leave the cupping for 5-10 minutes. The storage time should not be too long.

1 time a day, 5 days as a course of treatment, until the symptoms disappear


1. Avoid fatigue and prohibit intercourse, which is conducive to consolidating the curative effect.

2. The cure of this disease is not achieved in a day, it needs to be treated for a long time.

2 Cupping Geshu point

Choose a suitable cupping pot and walk continuously on the bladder meridian on the back Can (coated with essential oil, hold the bottom of the can, push and pull it up and down) until the skin turns red. After taking the cup, suck and pull at the Geshu point, and keep the cup for 5-10 minutes.

3 Cupping Taichong Point

gp -img-caption”>Choose a small cupping pot.

First press and rub the Taichong acupoint with the pulp of your thumb for 3 minutes, preferably if you feel soreness, Then choose a suitable cupping cup for suction and cupping, and leave it for 5~10 minutes.

4 cupping Shenque point

Press with your thumb first Knead the Shenque acupoint for 3~5 minutes, then choose a suitable size cupping cup to suck and pull out at the Shenque acupoint, and keep the cup for 5 minutes ~10 minutes. The temperature of the tank mouth should not be too high to prevent scalding the skin.