An 80-year-old man wanted to marry a 50-year-old nanny. After hearing the nanny’s conditions, the man backed down

Uncle Ou is 80 years old this year. Before he retired, he was the leader of a state-owned enterprise. After retirement, he has a monthly pension of more than 8,000. As he grew older, he felt that his health was deteriorating, so he paid 6,000 yuan to hire a 50-year-old live-in nanny.

The nanny is very diligent and takes good care of Uncle Ou. Uncle Ou is very satisfied. With the increasingly frequent contacts, Uncle Ou developed strange feelings for the nanny. When he learned that the nanny and her husband had divorced, he plucked up the courage to propose to the nanny. The nanny did not reject him directly, but remained silent for a while. Yes, and then asked Uncle Ou a few conditions, and Uncle Ou asked her to talk about it. First of all, after getting married, Uncle Ou needs to give her 3,000 yuan of pocket money every month, because she has no pension, and her children are not doing well, so she has no money to support her. Uncle Ou feels that he is more than 20 years older than the other party. Some money is also necessary, so I readily agreed to this condition.

Secondly, her son is almost 30 years old this year, and he has a girlfriend who wants them to buy a house in the city and a gift money of 200,000 yuan. She hopes that Ou The uncle can help her son solve this problem. Hearing this, Uncle Ou became a little unhappy. Although he has the ability, he has no obligation to help other men raise their children. He asked the nanny to continue talking about her third condition. In the end, the nanny hopes that she will have security when she gets old, because Uncle Ou is more than 20 years older than her, so he is likely to walk ahead of her. She hopes that Uncle Ou can make a will. The children share the inheritance equally.

After listening to the nanny’s conditions, Uncle Ou said earnestly: “I can completely understand your feelings, you just want to have a guarantee for your old age, but I can’t promise you The conditions, because my children will never agree, I don’t want to base my happiness on the pain of my children, so I’m sorry.”

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