Allergic skin diseases increase in midsummer, and unexplained rashes should be seen in time

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The dog days of Xi’an have the highest temperature in the whole year, with long-term sunlight exposure, mosquito bites, long-term “soaking” in the swimming pool, from the temperature High places suddenly enter the air-conditioned room with lower temperature, cold food and so on, all of which are hurting our body, especially our skin.

Recently, the Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of the Eighth Hospital of Xi’an admitted a patient with a “strange disease” – a young girl around 20 years old. On the day of her consultation, she came to the waiting area early and looked a little nervous. She told the doctor that she might have some kind of “strange disease”.

The girl is from the south. She made a special trip to Xi’an during the school’s summer vacation. Before half of the trip, she had a health problem. I always feel that my body is very itchy for the past two days, especially my arms and back. After I can’t help scratching it, strips of red marks will appear, and even large red patches will appear, and then they will all disappear on their own. That’s it. Repeatedly, the girl couldn’t even bring up her interest in playing. Within a few minutes of describing the condition to the doctor, the girl couldn’t help scratching her bare thigh. A few minutes later, several raised red spots appeared there, and this manifestation is “skin scratching syndrome”. , a type of urticaria.

Zhao Shengkui, director of the Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of the Eighth Hospital of Xi’an, said that urticaria, commonly known as “rubella”, is a localized edema of the skin and mucous membranes due to a temporary increase in vascular permeability, that is, a wheal. There are many reasons for the disease, and the more common causes are food, infection, drugs, and skin and mucous membrane contacts. Some physical factors can also cause it, such as sunlight, friction, pressure, temperature, etc. Some systemic diseases, mental endocrine, genetic and other factors may also be related to its pathogenesis. Many patients who see a doctor do not know what the cause is.

According to different etiologies, it can be divided into spontaneous urticaria and induced urticaria. Spontaneous urticaria is commonly referred to as an “allergic” symptom. The onset is more acute, and the rash that appears is round, oval or irregular, sometimes isolated, or expanded and merged into pieces. The wheals can subside on their own, but they occur one after another, and they occur continuously, accompanied by severe itching of the skin.

Scratch skin disease, also known as artificial urticaria, is a type of induced urticaria. The main manifestation is that there is no obvious spontaneous rash on the body surface of the patient, but scratches with hands or scratches the skin with a blunt instrument. After a few minutes, stripes of raised erythema appear along the scratches, and some people are accompanied by obvious itching, which lasts about ten minutes. It can subside on its own after that. However, some scratching symptoms are delayed onset, with linear wheals and edematous erythema appearing several hours after scratching, peaking in about 8 hours after that, and usually subsides within 2 days. If the cause is not eliminated, the patient may experience repeated symptoms.

In addition, factors that can induce urticaria include: direct exposure to allergens, sunlight exposure, cold or heat stimulation, water contact, post-exercise binge eating, physical stress stimulation, cholinergic properties, etc.

“Wind mass” can occur on all skin of the body, accompanied by severe skin itching, recurring and sometimes unbearable. Some severely ill patients may also be accompanied by symptoms of anaphylactic shock such as palpitation, irritability, and even lower blood pressure. When the gastrointestinal mucosa is involved, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea may occur. If the larynx and bronchi are involved, breathing difficulties may occur. Even suffocation is life-threatening, so you need to be more vigilant.

The main treatment is anti-allergy and symptomatic treatment. At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate the cause as much as possible, and try to avoid re-contact. For some patients, if the incentive involves other systemic diseases, further detailed investigation and treatment are required.

After inquiring in detail about the girl’s recent diet, living conditions and activities in Xi’an, the doctor gave the corresponding treatment plan and gave a detailed explanation of the disease. The girl finally relaxed and said will be treated according to doctor’s orders.

It is midsummer, the weather is changeable, the humid and hot environment, the diverse and complex diets, and the harm of a large number of harmful insects may lead to the increase of some allergic skin diseases, Zhao Shengkui It is recommended that while enjoying the happy time, you should also pay attention to precautions. If you have an unexplained rash, you should seek medical attention in time.

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