Woman with repeated abdominal pain for 3 months turns out to be appendix cancer

[Source: Zhuzhou Daily Digital Edition_Zhuzhou Daily]

Zhuzhou Daily News (all media reporter / Liu Qiong correspondent / Tan Panpan) You may listen Said appendicitis, but have you heard of appendicitis cancer? Recently, the Gastrointestinal Burn Surgery Department of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine admitted a woman with appendix cancer.

The patient, Ms. Zhou, is 58 years old. She started to experience recurrent abdominal pain 3 months ago. At first, she thought she was suffering from common appendicitis, so she took anti-inflammatory drugs every time she had abdominal pain. Some time ago, she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she came to the Gastrointestinal Burn Surgery Department of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment.

“You can’t have appendicitis or perforated appendix.” After the consultation, chief physician Deng Junshan immediately noticed the abnormality.

In his opinion, appendicitis or perforated appendix should have symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and fever, but according to Ms. Zhou, her abdominal pain is not severe.

In addition, common ascites should be like water, but the fluid in Ms. Zhou’s stomach was unusual, and imaging studies showed that these fluids were viscous and dense.

What should I do? A team of experts in gastrointestinal burn surgery conducted detailed discussions and developed a surgical plan.

During the operation, the doctor found that Ms. Zhou’s abdominal cavity was covered with vesicles, which were different in size, densely packed, and some were broken. Subsequently, the doctor performed a right hemicolectomy for Ms. Zhou.

Finally, after pathological examination, Ms. Zhou was diagnosed with appendix cancer.

“Compared with common gastrointestinal tumors such as colon cancer, appendix cancer is rare in clinical practice. It usually presents with right lower quadrant pain, which is very similar to appendicitis symptoms.” Deng Junshan introduced that appendicitis is not appendic cancer. High-risk factors, appendicitis and appendix cancer are two different diseases, but both occur in the appendix and have similar symptoms, and there is no necessary connection between the two.

It is worth mentioning that appendix cancer mostly occurs in middle-aged people between the ages of 40 and 50, and women are more likely to have it than men. Therefore, most of appendix cancer patients are like Ms. Zhou. The diagnosis was unexpectedly confirmed by pathology, and surgery had to be expanded to remove the lesion.

Deng Junshan reminded that some patients with appendix cancer will have appendicitis, so when they have pain in the right lower quadrant, they should seek medical attention in time to avoid being missed.

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