Airbnb released “Net Red Slave Cabin” and was criticized for “sprinkling salt on the wounds of history”

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The international homestay giant Airbnb sparked discussions among netizens due to the release of the Internet celebrity “slave house”. According to CNN’s report on the 3rd, the Internet celebrity slave house has been removed from the platform, and Airbnb officially apologized on the 1st for the platform’s failure to detect such inappropriate homestay products in time. This controversial homestay is a detached log house located on a plantation in Mississippi, USA. The propaganda posted on TikTok shows that the wooden house was built in the 1830s and used to be a dormitory for plantation slaves in the early years. Some people who have stayed at the homestay also commented that the experience of living in the slave house is very comfortable and very happy.

Some critics pointed out that there has always been a countercurrent in the United States to deny the history of slavery. Salt the wounds of history. Airbnb stated in a statement that the platform is conducting a self-inspection and will remove all homestay products that were previously slave houses. The current owner of the wooden homestay also issued a statement, saying that he had just bought the house involved, and the Internet celebrity propaganda was done by the previous owner, and that he would not rent the house involved in the future. Some people call for the demolition of slave houses, but others say that similar slave houses should be preserved to remember history. (Zhen Xiang)