Ai Jiaren|You must first learn to love yourself before you can look at the details of your life

First of all, it is the simplest and the most difficult to persist. You must first learn to love yourself before you can persist in looking at the details of your life. I prefer to observe my emotions and find out the reasons for such emotions, especially in the face of negative emotions. After finding the reasons, I will think about the needs behind these emotions. I have always had this idea, but I have not observed myself enough. Too careless, I don’t think which one is particularly good with water milk. In the future, we still need to pay more attention, record it, and be a healthy little fairy.

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It also experienced a whole year of trough last year Depression, lying in bed every day and looking at myself over and over again, my body has become very bad. Now I am also looking for a way to observe myself, rather it is a test of each stage of myself. I think that no matter what kind of life state you are in, it is okay. What is more important is to observe whether you feel comfortable or entangled when you are doing the current thing. The confrontation state consumes more energy and time.

After the confrontation in the heart, you will find that you have not gained anything, which will lead to more serious negative emotions. Whether it is observing, reviewing, recording, etc. of oneself, it is to improve one’s life and find a relaxed way of life. Whether it is marriage, work, or sports, you must find what suits you. What other people have, how did others find a good husband and find a good job. It doesn’t necessarily apply to yourself.

At this age, I really have a regular schedule, and now I feel uncomfortable when my work and rest time is not normal . Quite right, I’m currently going through major surgery and it’s really helpful to see this. How to record is better, I feel that I don’t want to interrupt to do other things when I am doing something, but if it is piled up and recorded together, I will forget the time to do things. It’s about observing yourself, and the essence is accepting yourself. I’m good at observing but not good at accepting.