Ai Jiaren|Be brave to explore and try, keep the habit of reading

When it comes to healthy living habits, going to bed early and getting up early is definitely one of them, especially going to bed early. I feel that since I went to college, staying up late has really hurt my body. Before I was young, I felt that it was not in place. , It was just dozing off in class, but then it turned into a completely groggy state in the morning, which was very disastrous, and my eyes hurt and felt uncomfortable for a few days, so don’t stay up late to sleep.


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Establish a correct view of money, financial freedom is everyone’s goal Pursue, but also remember that a gentleman loves money and obtains it in a proper way. The purpose of making money is to improve your quality of life, don’t become a slave to money, only know how to make money and forget about life. Learn, live to be old, learn to be old. But learning is also divided into two types, one is not in the book, we need to practice and explore, this is accumulated in life.

One ​​is from books, which can be mastered by reading, so keep learning Good habits, first of all have the courage to explore and try, and then maintain the habit of reading. Do some housework at home. Everything should be combined with movement and stillness. If you are too tired at work in your life, you can choose to do some housework within your ability after returning home. Sitting happily at the dining table is also worthy of everyone’s envy.

Therefore, we must learn to be considerate of each other in life, so as to make the family happier Harmony, I think doing some housework at home is the most important good habit. Don’t follow the crowd, gather like-minded people into groups, look for like-minded people instead of blindly following, learn to refuse appropriately, there is no need to wrong yourself to go along with others; in a sense, persistence is also a habit, if you can If you stick to some things, you will probably be able to stick to others too.