In the face of a major crisis, let’s see how Wang Jianlin leads Wanda’s strength to stage the “Return of the King”?

If an enterprise wants to be successful, it needs a courageous and insightful manager. His correct and effective management method can make the enterprise go far and steadily. China’s management model is different from that of the West. Today we will take a look at Wanda Wang Jianlin’s uniqueness.

Wanda’s major crisis in 2017 is deeply memorable. It is precisely because of this crisis that the industry looks at Wang Jianlin with admiration. Back then, as the state tightened regulation on the real estate industry and strengthened supervision on overseas assets, Wanda Group fell into an unprecedented crisis all of a sudden.

In order to alleviate the crisis, Wang Jianlin resolutely sold a large number of hotels and cultural tourism projects under his management, and led Wanda to light assets. It only took a few short years to revive with full blood. The return of the king, staged a reality with strength version of The Return of the King. At that time, Wang Jianlin’s act of breaking his arm to survive caused a lot of heated discussions. However, it is surprising that Wanda soon ushered in a turning point and was able to move forward lightly.

After the transformation, Wanda started the operation and hosting of commercial projects , its subsidiary Wanda Commercial Management has become the main position, and Wang Jianlin has also transformed from an investment real estate businessman into a “second landlord”. With Wanda’s own advantages, he manages the commercial plaza and appears on the “2022 Hurun Global Real Estate Entrepreneur List” with a net worth of 105 billion yuan. “middle. Wang Jianlin led Wanda’s decisive transformation, enabling the company to successfully survive the current black iron age in the real estate market, and also made him the most envied person by Xu Jiayin and others.

Wang Jianlin said that in the process of starting a business Innovation is important, but we must always remember that talent is the most important medium. From my experience and the development of Wanda, one thing has been confirmed, that is, there are people who have money and people who have careers, so talents play a decisive role. Therefore, I attach great importance to talents. For talents, I can visit Maolu eight times and visit Maolu ten times.

Wang Jianlin not only has an innovative business Thinking, shrewd strategy, courage to venture, and strong management ability have enabled Wanda to remain at the forefront of the industry despite decades of ups and downs. His excellent character and entrepreneurial experience are worth learning and learning from all entrepreneurs.