Afterwards, I always have diarrhea, and it is useless to supplement the deficiency of kidney yang? Addition and subtraction of Yougui Pills, warming liver and kidney, strengthening kidney essence

I don’t know if you have heard such a sentence: “Women are no more than seven, men are no more than eight.” It means that the male body takes every “eight” years as a growth cycle, and the female body takes every “seven” years as a growth cycle. It is recorded in the book that if a man reaches the age of eighty-eight or sixty-four, his teeth will go away, which means that the man will have no fertility at the age of sixty-four. In fact, the life expectancy of the ancients was shorter than that of the present. Such a childbearing age already shows that the ancients were actually very healthy in terms of reproduction. In modern times, although the level of medical care has improved, due to changes in the pace of life, many male friends have various problems in this regard at a young age. Yang, it doesn’t help. Is it the wrong direction or the body’s deficiency is not replenished?

Earlier, I had a patient like this. The patient, surnamed Dong, is 28 years old and has been married for two years. He said that he has been actively preparing for pregnancy for a year, but no matter how hard he tried, his wife’s stomach did not move. Mr. Dong accompanied his wife to the hospital for a detailed examination, and it turned out that there was no problem. In fact, he knew in his heart where the problem was, but he didn’t want to accept it or admit it. It turned out that every time after the end of “life”, Mr. Dong had diarrhea the next day. He always felt that it was not the problem, but his stomach was not good. Until this year, premature ejaculation occurred again and again. Mr. Dong thought about the situation, so he took a lot of yang-strengthening drugs in private, but the situation did not show any sign of improvement.

Finished understanding After the general condition of the patient, I showed the patient the tongue coating and checked the pulse. I found that the patient had a thin white coating and a pale red tongue. Apart from diarrhea after “living”, I often had premature ejaculation in the middle of the journey, accompanied by mental fatigue, Symptoms of soreness in the waist and knees, I can’t lift my spirits on weekdays. Based on the patient’s personal situation, this is a series of symptoms caused by a typical deficiency of kidney yang. So, why is it useless for patients to invigorate Yang? Because traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to extracting yang from yin, and seeking yin from yang, only by nourishing yin and yang can the best balance be achieved. Therefore, I added and subtracted Yougui Pills to the patient. The prescription included: dogwood, rehmannia glutinosa, medlar, cistanche, fairy spleen, Morinda officinalis, dodder, antler cream, Danfu tablets, fennel, etc. . After the patient took two courses of treatment, his diarrhea basically disappeared, and after a course of treatment was consolidated, all symptoms disappeared. In a follow-up visit half a year later, Mr. Dong and his wife successfully prepared for pregnancy.

Kidney yang deficiency is an old-fashioned problem, but it can’t be cured by taking some Chinese patent medicines. To invigorate the kidney yang, haste makes waste. Many friends seek too much quickness. If they blindly supplement the fire and supplement the yang, it will easily lead to staying behind closed doors. This is why many people supplement the supplements and their health deteriorates. Find the correct method and reasonably supplement the kidney yang according to their own conditions. That is the purpose. In addition, the mood is also very important when conditioning. Nowadays, more and more young people have this kind of situation. One of the important reasons is that the mental pressure is too high. Although the living standards of the ancients were low, but mentally On the contrary, it is very easy, so the good medicine needs to be used with the heart medicine, so as to achieve the best effect.

Chinese medicine treats diseases, pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, one person and one party. If you also have such problems, or impotence and premature ejaculation, prostate disease, infertility and other male diseases, as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, respiratory system, diabetes and complications, various chronic diseases and other health problems, you can private message or leave a message in the comment area. I will sincerely help you solve your health problems.