A woman in Hunan got married, but her mother-in-law gave her a newspaper to change her words. The woman: this marriage cannot be concluded

When it comes to marriage, it is the most important event in many women’s life. Regarding marriage, in some places, at least many days of preparation must be started in advance. Parents want to be the best they can be.

As for the “change fee”, it has basically become a custom in many places.In fact, it is paid to the mother-in-law When the father-in-law serves tea, the father-in-law and mother-in-law give the bride a big red envelope, and then the bride will start calling her parents instead.

Recently, such an incident happened in Changsha, Hunan. The two families had a falling out because of the change of mouth fee at the wedding, and the wedding was also a mess afterwards. What is going on, let’s take a look together.

Yuanyuan is the bride of this wedding. She is originally from Cantonese. Later, she met Xiao Zhou from Hunan during college. Choose to marry early. It can be regarded as worthy of the two people who have taken care of each other in the past few years in college, and have experienced so many ups and downs together, and only the two of them can know the hardships. So in order to be worthy of this liking, I insisted on persuading my parents to marry to Hunan, which can be regarded as a distant marriage. For Yuanyuan, she is looking forward to this wedding, and how romantic it is to be able to spend the rest of her life with the person she likes.

It was later decided that the wedding would be held in Xiao Zhou’s hometown Changsha. The script that was prepared before came, but such an ironic thing happened when they were holding the ceremony. There is a custom of changing the mouth in many places, so today’s ceremony was negotiated in advance, but it is also a good sign that most people give the changing fee “one thousand and one” or “ten thousand and one”.

But something went wrong at this step. Yuanyuan served tea to Xiao Zhou’s parents, and when she was about to call her parents instead, Xiao Zhou’s parents randomly took out a thick wad of cash, which showed that Yuanyuan was also loved by Xiao Zhou’s parents. Yes, later the master of ceremonies saw such a thick stack, so she asked Yuanyuan to open the big red envelope on the spot, so that everyone could see how much her mother-in-law attaches to Yuanyuan, and also reassured Yuanyuan’s parents that when she opened it, there was actually a red envelope wrapped in it. It was a thick newspaper, which stunned everyone present, and everyone started to talk about it, and rumors spread all over the place in an instant.

After that, Yuanyuan couldn’t help but shed tears on the spot. It’s true love, and it’s all beautiful. What I imagined in my mind was the past romance between her and Xiao Zhou. I didn’t expect that Xiao Zhou’s parents just regarded her as a tool for collecting money. Even this change fee was a fake , It really hurt her heart too much, and then ran out without looking back, shouting “This marriage can’t be concluded” while running.

Seeing this scene, all the relatives and friends in the audience were stunned. The mother-in-law was also very embarrassed at the time, she was dragged by her husband and walked down quietly from behind up. Xiao Zhou also stayed where he was, not knowing what to do. After all, it was my parents who went too far, and I don’t know how to explain to Yuanyuan and Yuanyuan’s parents.

After experiencing this farce, the people who attended the wedding were not as excited as before. The well-prepared banquet ended before it even started. After all, Yuanyuan and Xiao Zhou had obtained their marriage certificates, so after that day, they could be regarded as legally married couples. Afterwards, the mother-in-law apologized and explained to Yuanyuan, but Yuanyuan had no choice but to accept it. The mother-in-law proposed to apologize to Yuanyuan’s parents, and then asked Xiao Zhou to bring the wine that she had collected before, and listened to Yuanyuan’s words. , his father loves to drink very much. As soon as he arrived at Yuanyuan’s house, he first gave gifts and the wine he bought to his in-laws. When the in-laws saw the wine, they immediately began to feel relieved, because the wine came from Guizhou. My parents know that Yuanyuan’s father was a soldier in Guizhou before, so they miss Guizhou very much. At this point, I am also careful.

This wine is calledSanjuntai Reserve Wine, from Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, This wine adopts the authentic Daqu Kunsha craftsmanship. The whole brewing process lasts for one year, during which more than one hundred complicated processes need to be carried out to get what it is today.

Its raw materials are the rare local red tassel glutinous sorghum in Guizhou, combined with fine wine The water of the river has a strong sense of layering when you drink it. The first taste is a strong sauce aroma, and there are a few traces of the aroma of grain after savoring it carefully. Moreover, it is a cheap conscience wine with a very high cost performance ratio. Whether it is a gift for relatives or leaders, it is a very sincere wine.


Okay, the above is “A woman in Hunan got married, and her mother-in-law gave The change fee was actually in the newspaper, “Woman: This marriage can’t be concluded“, what do you guys who read this article think about Granny Yuanyuan’s behavior?