After waiting for more than 200 years, the Daman people finally joined China, and now every family hangs the five-star red flag

As a special existence other than the 56 ethnic groups in my country, where did the Daman people who have been wandering for more than 200 years come from?

Daman has actually existed in China for hundreds of years, but it was not until 2003 that they acquired Chinese nationality. The Daman people have been eager to become a part of China as early as the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, because of their special historical origin, the emperors of the Qing Dynasty have always had a great prejudice against them, so they did not agree to the application of the Daman people to join China. request. The ancestors of the Daman people are actually not Chinese, but Nepalese. During the Qing Dynasty, the ancestors of the Daman people were a powerful tribe in Nepal. Because China and Nepal bordered, and the border defense was relatively weak at that time, the ancestors of the Daman people had coveted the Tibet area of ​​China, and formed a strong army to fight and kill at the Sino-Nepal border. It makes life difficult for the people in the border areas of China and Tibet.

In addition, the internal disputes in Tibet could not be subsided at that time. After the death of the sixth Panchen Lama in Tibet, the two The younger brother killed each other for Emperor Qianlong’s condolences, and one of the latter defected to the ancestors of the Daman tribe, hoping to use their strength to regain the rule of Tibet, and the ancestors of the Daman tribe had a good time to start . Fortunately, Emperor Qianlong ordered the dispatch of troops, which completely defeated the ancestors of the Daman tribe, and finally they bowed their heads to the Qing Dynasty. Some of the ancestors of the Daman tribe returned to Nepal, while others lost their way during the battle, and finally could only wander in the dense forests of southern Tibet, living a life of food from the sky.

In the end, these people settled in the town of Geelong on the Sino-Nepalese border, and they did not give up joining the Qing Dynasty. However, the Qing emperor was very disgusted with the folk customs of this nation and did not want it to join. In the end, these people became marginalized people who were both abandoned by Nepal and ignored by the Qing Dynasty. They reproduced in Geelong Town and intermarryed with Chinese Tibetan people, thus becoming what we call the Daman people today.

With neither the protection nor the support of the state, what happened to the free Damans before they had Chinese nationality? How miserable was it?

Although the Daman people at that time lived in the town of Geelong, they had no ability to support themselves at all. The Daman people can only pray to the gods every day to be rewarded with food, or go to the deep mountains and wild forests to ask for some fruits and wild mushrooms, or if they have homemade tools, they go to adventure hunting and rely on luck to harvest. They have no farmland to cultivate, and no food to be self-sufficient, so they can only live one meal at a time.

Moreover, among dozens of Daman families, not every family can have a house to live in, some families The members can only borrow and live in the cattle and sheep pens of some Tibetans. Even if the conditions are very bad, it is better than sleeping in the wild. In order to be able to pay the rent, the Daman people will also do some physical work for the host who borrows it. And those Daman people who own houses have not had a good time. The largest of their houses is only more than 40 square meters, and the smallest is only a dozen square meters. In this small space, it is necessary to accommodate a family of people. Children, it is also very inconvenient. In addition, the Daman people have always been discriminated against by other countries and ethnic groups, and are always ridiculed as “nondescript”. Because the Daman people have lived in southern Tibet for a long time, their skin color is the same as the Tibetans, and their skin color is dark brown, but the Daman people have a pair of blue pupil eyes, and the Daman people have the characteristics of yellow and white. The Man ethnic group is disliked by Tibetans and Nepalese at the same time. It can be said that their lives are quite miserable.

However, the Daman people have dealt with Tibetan people for a long time in their later life, their own cultural customs, behavior habits, Dressing and other aspects have also gradually been assimilated by the Tibetans, and they have become more and more like the Tibetan people. Although the Daman people have never had a clear identity, they reluctantly lived in Jilong Town with their hard-working spirit and strong physique.

Daman people who applied for Chinese nationality many times finally got what they wanted in 2003. After joining Chinese nationality How much has the life of the Daman people changed?

The Daman people proposed to join the Qing Dynasty as early as the late Qianlong period, but since then the Qing Dynasty has been weakening, and there is no spare time to pay attention to the survival of the hundreds of Daman people. Until the founding of New China, our party, which hoped for the common prosperity of the nation, paid attention to the issue of the Daman people, but at that time the country was in a situation of a hundred wastes waiting to be rebuilt. Even if it welcomed the participation of the Daman people, the new China did not The method immediately came to a conclusion on the attribution of the Daman tribe.

Finally, in 2003, the Chinese government approved the Daman people to join the Chinese nationality and classified them as part of the Tibetans. After the Daman people joined China, the first concern was the residence of the Daman people. , the government invested more than one million yuan to build a village suitable for life – Dammam Village, and spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to purchase the necessary furniture, farm tools and equipment for each Daman household The land and livestock that the Man people depend on for their survival. Later, the water supply facilities in Daman Village were completed, which solved the problem of local people’s water use, and opened schools so that Daman children could receive free compulsory education. Considering the economic development of the Daman people, the government has also listed the Daman people as the target of poverty alleviation, and will provide a certain amount of subsidies every year. With the development and promotion of e-commerce, the daily necessities made by the Daman people’s superb blacksmithing skills have won the favor of many domestic consumers.

Nowadays, the Daman people can already support themselves, no longer need to rely on the sky to eat and borrow money. sleep. The Daman people also know that it is because of their Chinese citizenship that they enjoy equal treatment and respect. Therefore, such a scene can also be seen in Daman Village. Every house is hung with a bright five-star red flag, which expresses the gratitude of the Daman people to China, and also makes the Daman people become a The pride of the Chinese afterward is beyond words. In the heart of the Daman people, they have long regarded themselves as Chinese.