After the age of 50, if you don’t want to be “riddled by all kinds of diseases”, you need to do 3 things in advance, and you will grow stronger when you are old.

People often say that the age of 50 is a hurdle in life. This is because after the age of 50, various organs of the body have already begun to decline, and the health level and mental state of the body have long since changed. Feeling powerless, mentally fatigued, and even some chronic diseases and geriatric diseases have begun to gradually come to me.

After the age of 50, many middle-aged men have “beer belly”, which is mostly because of frequent The accumulation of fat caused by drinking, socializing and lack of exercise, coupled with the body’s basal metabolic level has long since changed, and it is easy to oppress the body’s internal organs and blood vessels in the long run, causing many acute and chronic diseases.

After the age of 50, women will enter the menopause stage due to physiological reasons. It is more likely to be troubled by many diseases, and it will also cause psychological negative emotions, irritability, sadness and sensitivity, and even directly affect our physical health in severe cases.

If you want to cross the threshold of 50 years old, I suggest everyone to do these 3 things in advance, Good health, good spirits, and good old age.

First, protect skeletal muscles

After the age of 50, bones, joints, and muscles will begin to develop continuously due to age. Degeneration, walking more slowly, and prone to back pain, more prone to falls, more prone to fractures, osteoporosis and other diseases, and more difficult to recover.

This requires us to protect our body’s skeletal muscles early before the age of 50 to cope with aging The muscle degeneration brought about by exercise is the best and most indispensable method.

Darwin’s theory of evolution believes that in daily life, we can increase a certain amount of exercise as much as possible, such as jogging, Tai Chi, kicking, swimming, etc. are all good choices. It can not only delay the aging of skeletal muscles, but also make us look younger and more energetic.

Second, protect cardiovascular

After getting older, The elasticity of the cardiovascular system decreases. At the same time, poor eating habits will also cause excessive lipid waste to adhere to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, affecting the normal blood circulation and metabolism and the body’s nutrient supply, resulting in hardening, blockage, and even severe cases. life-threatening.

In order to protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, the first thing to do is to change the bad eating habits in the past. With the continuous improvement of the level, the life of the common people has gradually become richer. The eating habits of big fish and heavy meat, heavy oil and heavy salt are always damaging our blood vessel health.

“Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” proposes that an adult’s daily fat intake should be about 25 grams, The equivalent of a measuring spoon is about 2 and a half spoons. In addition to strictly controlling the amount of oil used, choosing the right cooking oil also plays an extremely important role.

Lard and soybean oil are like the lard and soybean oil we used to eat. Although they taste delicious, they are very high in calories. High fat content will increase blood viscosity and bring a greater burden to the body’s blood vessels.

And if you replace the daily oil with 【Beikangyuan Olive Oil】, which is known as “liquid gold”, there is no need to worry too much, because the Monounsaturated fatty acids are extremely beneficial to the human body. They can not only provide the body’s basic calorie needs, but also play a role in regulating the balance of cholesterol metabolism in the body.

and 【Beikangyuan Olive Oil】 adopts physical cold-pressing method, which not only has rich fruit wood The aroma has zero fat content. It is used as a cooking seasoning for dishes, and the effect is outstanding. You only need to taste delicious food without worrying about any fat burden. Select.

【Bei Kang Yuan Olive Oil】 Cardiovascular protection and care effect It is extremely comprehensive. After being digested and absorbed by the human body, the rich nutrients can not only improve blood circulation, wash away excess lipid waste, but also restore the elasticity of blood vessels

. The best daily oil choice for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Three, protect the brain

When many people get older, they always feel that their memory is not good. It’s because our brains start to become less active.

Many people may have questions about whether the brain can also be maintained. The answer is yes. In the process of daily life, middle-aged and elderly friends should be more active to think with their brains, keep their brains active, and communicate with others more. At the same time, pay attention to go to bed early and avoid staying up late, which has a good protective effect on the brain.

If you want to pass the hurdle of 50 years old, you must do these 3 things as soon as possible, in good health and in spirit Full of benefits for a lifetime.