900 people infected in 6 days! Can the 10,000 yuan new crown preventive medicine prevent the new crown virus variant landing in Sanya?

In the third year of the new crown epidemic, the new crown preventive medicine has come.

Just last month, this new crown preventive medicine, known as the “only one in the world”, finally arrived in Hainan.

You must know that although this new crown preventive medicine can be used for new crown pre-exposure prevention, the price is very high. There are two injections for the whole course of treatment, and the price is as high as 13,300 yuan. Moreover, the efficacy of this drug is only 6 months, so many people say that it is really not cost-effective for 10,000 yuan to be safe for only 6 months.

Although I said so, in July, there were more than 100 people Receive Exxon’s medication. At present, the appointment of this drug is also very popular, and there has been a shortage of supply in Hainan Boao Super Hospital. Many people are curious, who are these people who make appointments for new crown preventive medicine?

The appointment of high-priced new crown preventive medicine is hot, who is taking the medicine?

This expensive new crown preventive medicine is only available in two hospitals, Boao Super Hospital and Ruijin Hainan Hospital. Mostly young people studying abroad.

In addition to the elderly and teenagers who need to study abroad, these groups are also suitable for the prevention of new coronavirus, including those with low immunity, those with immunodeficiency, Groups such as patients participating in hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, cancer patients receiving radiation therapy or chemotherapy, etc.

According to the previous clinical trial data, using Enshida as a prevention or treatment The risk of severe new coronary pneumonia is greatly reduced, and it plays a greater role in people with weakened immunity.

authoritative medical journalsThe Lancet have also published relevant experimental studies , which included 5,197 volunteers from 87 different regions who were not infected with the new coronavirus. These volunteers included the elderly over 60 years old, people with low immunity, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic liver and kidney disease and other groups. Then, scientists randomly divided the subjects into two groups. Group A was injected with Enshid, and group B was not injected with Enshid. After up to 6 months of follow-up, the number of infected cases in group A reached 0.3%, the number of infected cases in group B reached 1.8%, and the number of deaths reached 7.

The new crown preventive medicine can prevent the currently popular Omicron sequence poison strain?

The World Health Organization released a weekly report on the global new crown epidemic last month. The number of new crown cases is increasing, and a new wave of infection has struck again. The culprit has also been identified, which is the infectious and The Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 mutants with stronger immune escape ability, of which the BA.5 mutant is called “the worst mutant so far” by American experts.

How terrible is BA.5?

As a sub-branch of BA.5, BA.5.1.3 appeared in Sanya, a tourist resort in my country on August 1, and infected 900 people in just 6 days, causing approximately 80,000 people are stranded in Sanya. As of last Friday, the cumulative number of reported cases in Sanya reached 235.

This epidemic also reached the top together with the new crown preventive medicine in Hainan Province In addition to the two incidents themselves, many netizens are very concerned about the hot search list of major social platforms. What about the Micron BA.5 sequence strain?

It is worth noting that the clinical trial of Enshida was designed in the early stage of the new crown epidemic, and the currently disclosed analysis data are in Before May 2021, the sub-variant of Omicron BA.1 has not appeared at this time. But this does not mean that it cannot prevent the BA.5 sequence strain, because the current clinical use of Enshida is an improved version, and it works on both BA.1 and BA.2 sub-variants.

Since the main target of Enshida’s drug is the spike protein, and the Omicron variant has 5 different sublines, it is necessary to know the different variants The corresponding spike proteins are also different, which means that Enshide cannot neutralize all popular sub-variants, and some studies have found through mouse experiments that Enshide may not be able to prevent the currently popular BA.4 and BA. 5 subvariant infection.

To prevent the new coronavirus BA.5, you have to rely on yourself

On this issue, Guangming.com interviewed Academician Zhang Boli and put forward some preventive suggestions.

1. Frequent nucleic acid antigen testing

The new variant strain has strong It is contagious, so antigen testing should be done regularly to know whether you are infected as early as possible. If the antigen test is positive, further nucleic acid testing is required to confirm.

2. Vaccination

everyPeople of all ages should be vaccinated against the new crown virus as soon as possible. Although it cannot prevent 100% of the new crown virus, it can reduce the severe rate and reduce the risk of death.

3. Chinese medicine prevention

It is suggested that close contacts of the virus can take traditional Chinese medicine for prevention. As we all know, for the new coronavirus, traditional Chinese medicine can play a role in prevention and treatment. Although it does not directly fight the virus, it can regulate its own immune system to reduce the damage to the organs caused by the virus.

4. Focus on controlling high-risk groups

Find the source of transmission early, accurately and quickly, and find Close contacts and sub-close contacts, focusing on the control of high-risk groups. Identify the source of infection early, isolate and treat as soon as possible, and break the chain of transmission.

5. Can’t go to medium and high risk areas

Can’t go to medium and high risk areas even after vaccination At the same time, mail from abroad should be properly handled to avoid introducing viruses.

Message from the doctor

Faced with the new coronavirus, every Individuals must be strictly guarded, and they must not relax their vigilance for a moment. You should wear a mask whenever you go out, and carry a new one with you for easy replacement; maintain a certain social distance when you are in a crowded place; cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

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