After a thrilling bubble, I became an unqualified person!

I ate half a bowl of onions in the morning, maybe the onions were underripe.

At noon, when I was five kilometers away from Yongchang Town, Lanxi City, I started to feel gas in my stomach, and my stomach felt tight and painful.

I really wanted to find a solution in the grass on the side of the road, but when I thought about my own image, I held back.

I know there is a Sinopec gas station in Yongchang town, and there is a toilet there.

Continue to take deep breaths, relax and then relax your stomach, and tighten and tighten your anus. After repeated deep breathing and levator movements, he finally reached the toilet door of Sinopec Yongchang Gas Station.

I didn’t expect that the toilet was equipped with iron doors that could be opened from both sides, and padlocked.

It wasn’t there a month ago!

At this point I feel like I can’t hold it anymore!

I pushed my car to the gas station and asked the female gas worker, “Where is the toilet?”

The female worker pointed: “No, there!”

“How come it’s locked there?”

“Because of the need for epidemic prevention and control, you have to scan the epidemic prevention code at the door first, show it to me, pass the test, and then give you the key before you can go…”

At this point, the urgency has almost made me collapse, and I feel like I’m about to pull in my crotch.

I really want to go underground…

No, she is a woman, so she has to go to Yongchang police station…

I went to the door of the business hall to scan the code, and then took it back to her to see.

As a result, after reading the code, she searched for a long time in a pile of fuel bottles before finding the key.

I feel like I’ve waited thousands of years and I’m going to pass out!

As soon as I took the keys, I left the car and rushed to the toilet.

Don’t forget to take the plastic folding basin from the car before leaving.

The female worker shouted from behind: “What are you doing with the basin, do you want to get water from there?”

I don’t care about her at all!

At this time, it doesn’t matter if the sky is falling, and it doesn’t matter where the parking is!

I haven’t opened the padlock for many years, I’m in a hurry, the key can’t be inserted into the hole, and I’m shaking…soso…

I finally opened the padlock on the iron door, opened it on both sides, and rushed into the men’s toilet…

Luckily, the toilets are much cleaner than before!

Fortunately, I haven’t pulled my crotch yet.

While she was enjoying herself, the female worker at the door knocked on the door and shouted, “The boss inside, come out and move the car!”

I really can’t care about her: “The key is still inserted, please help me move it!”

Here I am pulling hard, over there she goes back to the oil gun and shouts every few seconds: “That boss inside, move the car!”

Three minutes later, my stomach pain was gone, I dried and washed my butt with water, went back to the car, and apologized to her again and again.

Moved the car forward a bit and started refueling…

On the opposite side of the gas station, a female car owner in a white car gave me a look of contempt and murmured: “No quality!”

I never imagined that the toilet at the gas station was locked, and I had to scan the code to get the key!

No, we have become unqualified people!