Aesthetically infiltrated Qingpu New Town, the city’s beautiful colors and the charm of the water town complement each other

With water as the pulse, the “high-value” Qingpu New Town is coming in a smart way.

“The lotus leaves are infinitely green in the sky, and the lotus flowers are different in the sun.” These two poems describe the Qingpu Huancheng Water System Park at this time. August is the season when the lotus flowers are in full bloom. In the faint fragrance, the resident Wang Laobo and his wife came to the “Tingyuxuan” in the corner of the park for a walk. “How beautiful it is now!” Uncle Wang sighed and greeted his wife, “Come and take a beautiful photo.”

In another corner of Qingpu New Town, Xiayang Lake, covering an area of ​​130 mu, is the largest artificial lake in the new town. From a distance, the clean and clear lake surface looks like an emerald inlaid here. Resident Miss Li told reporters that every evening, she would go to the fitness trail here to jog for exercise. “The trail is winding and secluded, surrounded by trees and flowers, and I feel better when I walk here every day.”

In the total area of ​​91.1 square kilometers of Qingpu New Town, the water space occupies an important position, so that the pictures of people and water can be seen everywhere. Therefore, from the beginning of planning, water has been the core element of Qingpu New Town.

According to the introduction of Qingpu District, with water as the pulse, Qingpu New Town will focus on “one center and three districts” to carry out planning and construction during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. “One Center” is the central business district of Qingpu New Town on both sides of the Shangda River. The area covers an area of ​​6.5 square kilometers. In the future, Qingpu’s “core” island, Qingpu New Town City Park, and Waiqingsong Enterprise Headquarters Corridor will be built. Eco-type, life-type and urban-type waterfront space, at the same time, 8 pocket parks of nearly 1 hectare will be laid out on the waterfront, with a service radius of 300 meters, and residents can walk to a pocket park in 5 minutes. The “three areas” are the urban renewal practice area, the future new city model area and the industrial innovation park. These areas will also use the water system to create a city with a balance of work and housing and an ecologically livable city.

The vision in the plan comes into real life step by step. On January 1, 2020, the Qingpu Huancheng Water System Park was fully connected, which is also the largest livelihood project in the history of Qingpu District. Dianpu River, Youdun Port, Shangda River and Xidaying Port are 4 backbone rivers with a total length of about 21 kilometers, connecting 3,000 mu of waterfront open space; the waterfront greenway stretches for 43 kilometers and is dotted with 35 leisure sports and fitness venues , 18 wharfs, as well as many Internet celebrity attractions such as Shuichengmen and Shangshan Square.

In addition to the “shang” water axis in the core area, many rivers in the new city now have the Jiangnan water rhyme of “clear water, green banks and shallow bottoms”. According to the introduction of the district water affairs department, in the past two years, the water affairs department has actively promoted the water body renovation project in accordance with the “One River One Plan”, and completed the water quality improvement of many rivers and the management of ecologically clean small watersheds. For example, one of the key projects in the new town this year is the river remediation projects such as Tangjiabang and Shuidubang. After “beauty”, this project will start from Huaqing Road in the west, Huapu Road in the east, Huayuangang Pump Gate in the north, and Huayuangang in the south. Yinggang East Road, a river with a total length of more than 700 meters “renews its old appearance”.

With good scenery, good economy also comes. Today, Qingpu New Town is based on the superior ecological environment around Dianshan Lake, undertaking the extension of the industrial chain of Hongqiao Business District, Xicen Science and Technology Innovation Center, and Shixi Software Information Park, and constantly transforming national strategy and ecological advantages into development advantages. With Qingpu Industrial Park as the core carrier, Qingpu New City actively builds digital information industrial parks, hydrogen energy industrial parks, artificial intelligence industrial parks, new material industrial parks, life science industrial parks, civil aviation industrial parks and other characteristic industrial parks, and strives to promote industrial transformation During the upgrade, major projects such as UCARD Qingpu Data Center, Tus International Science and Technology City, CTI Navigation Production R&D Center, Kangheng Environmental Headquarters Base and New Technology R&D Center were successively implemented.

Author: Zhang Tianchi

Picture: Zhao Lirong

Editor: Shi Bozhen

Editor in charge: Rong Bing

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