Accurate pulse inquiry needs, heart-warming service delivered to your door

Weifang Financial News from Weifang DailySince this year, the Anqiu Market Supervision Bureau has actively visited and investigated, innovated service methods, and accurately matched departmental functions with corporate needs. Help solve practical problems and serve the high-quality development of enterprises.

Go to the enterprise “ask for demand”, Help with difficulties and problems.

In-depth visits and research, accurate pulse and demand. In order to further understand the needs of enterprises and improve the accuracy of services, the Bureau formulated the implementation plan for the “helping enterprises to improve” visits and research activities. A list of 45 service companies in the fields of supervision, food and drug safety, etc., by means of visits, discussions, on-site understanding, etc., to conduct in-depth visits to contacted and reliable companies, and to help companies analyze the difficulties and demands encountered in the development process one by one . Organized 18 enterprises twice to hold symposiums, interpreted policies, and provided guidance to enterprises in intellectual property, standards, measurement, and brand creation. 20 member units from Anqiu Inventors Association held a discussion on the prevention and control of foreign-related risks of intellectual property rights. During the on-site visits, 18 service enterprise commissioners from all over the world carried the service list, visited 87 enterprises in depth, grasped 28 enterprise appeals, and promptly implemented responsible departments and responsible personnel to solve them.

Heart-warming door-to-door matchmaking, one strategy for one enterprise. Make good use of the service enterprise commissioner system, and select 60 key backbone enterprises on the basis of full research on key industries such as environmental protection equipment, machinery manufacturing, new technology materials, new energy, and food processing in the city, and adopt “one-to-one” Contact, regular door-to-door follow-up and inquiry, etc., give full play to the advantages of departmental functions, and coordinate and solve the problems in product quality and financing in the development of enterprises in a timely manner. It has cooperated with the Intellectual Property Center of Qilu University of Technology and the expert team of Shandong Zhihui Patent Operation Company to provide tailor-made patent solutions for 36 companies including Yadong Metallurgy and Xuneng Environmental Protection through door-to-door “one-to-one” service, helping 12 1 enterprise has carried out overseas layout of intellectual property rights, guided 7 enterprises including Boyang Machinery and Shengzhou Beer to deal with trademark infringement disputes, and helped enterprises reduce losses of more than 1.2 million yuan.

“One-stop” service, improving and solving difficulties. Integrate the resource elements of the market supervision system, and provide “one-stop” quality infrastructure services centered on businesses such as measurement, standards, certification and accreditation, inspection and testing, and quality management, and extended by businesses such as intellectual property rights and brand cultivation. Include more than 30 enterprises including Jinhong New Materials in the brand cultivation plan; help enterprises formulate and revise more than 170 various standards; solve the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises through intellectual property pledge financing, and help 17 enterprises to raise nearly 200 million yuan; carry out “measurement services “Enterprise trip” activity, guiding more than 10 key enterprises such as Lu’an Pharmaceutical and Shanshui Cement to establish and improve the measurement management and measurement inspection system and energy measurement process, and urgently inspect, calibrate, and repair various measuring instruments for some key energy-consuming units More than 5,300 pieces, through “one-stop” service, solve practical problems in a timely manner, and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Liu Xiaojie/Wen Tu

Correspondent: Zhang Jirong