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Speaking of camping itself

This year seems to be the year of the outbreak of camping, but in fact, there has been a little fire in the camping in the first two years. This small fire is accompanied by most families With a car, most people have the need for short-distance outings for two days on weekends. In addition, the superposition of the epidemic has made long-distance travel very difficult. Go to the suburban grass for camping, barbecue, stargazing, and relax and chat with good friends. It has become a very good second choice, and camping has become hot.

So the popularity of outdoor camping products on the Internet this year is also extraordinary. I often see various list recommendations and good things to share

But there are more than 70% of the recommenders. I think they may not have actually camped a few times. Although the photos are very beautiful, the tent and the sky are spotless, and they are neat and docile. Sisters are all fair and beautiful. These beautiful photos give people infinite reverie and longing for camping, but in fact, if you copy these strategies and checklists completely, you will find that you will always have various difficulties in using them or not useful.

And I started camping the year before last, of course I am not a camping expert, I am more of a family with children, wife, and friends, with a scale of seven or eight people,

The year before last, I went camping on Changxing Island and stayed at the former Xiaoju Farm for one night. I saw the Big Dipper, lit a bonfire, and set off fireworks

< /p>

We also camped several times in succession, but many times we did not spend the night, just in the morning, until the evening

We prefer to find a piece of grass, the best It’s by the river, blowing hair in a daze

This year’s epidemic, although going to work is normal, but my friends in Shanghai go everywhere It’s very troublesome, and I’m worried that the epidemic will be repeatedly quarantined

From May to July, I went to the grass in a hidden corner of Dianshan Lake almost every week, next to the big river, camping with wild wind


Children love it too

Because of this, I also bought a lot of camping Equipment, I also read various strategies and checklists and bought a lot

But a lot of things, I really don’t feel that they are easy to use, but some things are very good, they look ordinary, but they are very suitable for the occasion< /p>

Today I will write another article, from my point of view, I will share with you the good camping items and guide to avoid pits. Of course, I will also give a score to the several products given by the public test, okay? Use from reality, never bias!

Required items:

Sky curtain

Sky curtain has always been my opinion It is very important to exist, because it is necessary to shelter from the rain. Most campsites are difficult to find a complete shade of trees, so the sky is very important.

I also bought it There are several canopies, but some canopies are either too thin and have insufficient shading performance, or the rubber layer has a sticky feeling after being used for a long time. In short, it is very strange to use.

This public test gave me the canopy of Mugao Di. Let’s see how this canopy is.

In terms of workmanship, I think Mugao Di’s products are in place. , The feel of the sky curtain is also very good, very solid, the pole is strong, and the workmanship is excellent.

The rainproof effect of this canopy is first-rate, although I often choose sunny or cloudy days for camping, but thunderstorms like It is also difficult to avoid the fish that come as soon as you say it. At this time, the importance of the sky has increased a lot. The following photos were taken on a rainy day. You can see that the rain outside the sky is still very heavy

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If you can’t see this clearly, you can watch the raindrops that I photographed slipping down, you can see the raindrops slipping from the outside on the inside, and the waterproof effect is 100% The

The other is the stability, this dayI feel that the curtain is still good in terms of stability. The 6 wind ropes can be firmly fixed, and the dungeons are firmly planted into the ground.

However, I suggest finding a block or a small hammer when hitting the ground nails, sometimes the ground is still very hard of.

And the canopy is still very sturdy. When it rains, the two children like to jump to shake the water on the canopy, and the canopy can also be turned into a small toy


This is a real artifact. Playing with fire is the nature engraved in human DNA

Although charcoal fire is not bad , but this bright flame is better

and burns food directly, it is more suitable for bringing children, barbecue is not healthy after all, I like to bring a wood stove now

Comfortable chairs

For camping, it is recommended that you do not sit directly on the ground. I was bitten by something last time, and my legs were itchy for more than a week. It is easy to get urticaria, which is very troublesome.

Camping is usually outdoors all day, and it takes a long time to sit, especially for a fishing guy like me, who sits on a chair for most of the day. My experience with this vertical angle chair is uncomfortable


This kind of moon chair is more comfortable. It is recommended to buy this kind of chair.

Don’t be too cheap when buying it. It will break after sitting in the 30s or 40s. My weight is 120 pounds. 3 of them are broken, which is really terrible

I recommend everyone to buy a folding chair, and it can be opened and closed at once. I have bought a folding chair from Mu Gaodi

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="https://p0.ssl.img.360kuai.com/t0193d67de995b61a54.jpg" width="600">

This time the public test was conducted by Nokia. The price of these two models on JD.com is 129, and they are both very easy folding chairs that can be opened and closed. You can do it with one hand, which is much better than the kind of moon chair that needs to be built with several supports. That kind of one needs to be disassembled, and the disassembled parts are easy to be damaged. I don’t recommend it very much.

So what’s the difference between these two folding chairs?

I think there is almost no functional difference between these 2 products at the same price point

But Mu The wrapping of the Gao Di is better, and the comfort of sitting in can be improved by 10%. Although the Nuoke’s is also very comfortable, it is slightly inferior. The fabric feels thicker to me.

So these two brands, let the wise see the wisdom, I feel good.

And this kind of folding chair also has a very good use, in streams, especially calm ones Playing in the water, this kind of folding chair with steel frame is very suitable at this time, and you will not worry about getting wet. This metal skeleton is quite high, about 20cm above the ground, and it is very comfortable in the stream.

A must-have table

A table is also a must for camping, because you always need to put utensils , I have used two kinds of consoles for placing food. One is this kind of flat type, which can only be folded in half. It requires space in the trunk, but the advantage is that it is simple and clean, and it is more comfortable to use. I found that I don’t have one. I specially take pictures of my small camping table, then take a picture from the Internet.

However, this table also has shortcomings, that is, it is difficult to put it in the trunk of the car. I am a speedster, and the hatchback can be placed. Ordinary cars take up too much space in the trunk.

The second one is the one given to me this time by Zhongji Jun, which is easy to store, but because it is a cake roll There are gaps between the wood chips. If you eat watermelon, it will leak juice, but it doesn’t matter if you are camping in the wild.

But the framework of this architecture is really more solid, very solid. Type X is solid!

Installation is also convenient, unfold the X bracket, insert a support rod in the middle, and the upper folding plate is inserted with a groove, and it is very firm after it is locked

Now I still like this table very much, the most important thing is that it is foldable, rolled up, and very convenient to put in the back box.

Going out, three or five friends, a table and a few chairs is the feeling that you can sit for an afternoon

Here is another photo of eating in the stream. It is really convenient to have this small table. So soaking feet, eating and playing all day

Outdoor power supply

I didn’t think this before camping What is necessary, but it feels really necessary in the past two years.

Because first of all, everyone’s mobile phone charging problem needs a solution in the wild, especially overnight camping. If there is no outdoor power supply, the mobile phone It will definitely not last for the next day

In addition, listening to music outdoors, turning on lights, and various ambient lights require an outdoor power supply, so I recommend that friends who often camp out buy one directly


If you are camping occasionally, then I think you can rent one directly

For example, Pinsheng now provides outdoor power supply rental services, which can be rented in Alipay, in big cities You can pick it up at the store, and of course you can choose to send it by post.

Alipay can search for Pinsheng Power Bank. It seems that Pinsheng is also a business model specially created because of the camping fire. There are also columns such as camping equipment. But it’s not open yet.

The best part is that Alipay members can also free deposit according to their level and credit!

In terms of price, it is based on the capacity. If it is a small capacity, the cost of renting for 7 days is about 100. , the large capacity is more than 200. I feel that compared with the price of one or two thousand, if it is occasional camping, it is really good to rent one, it will be more convenient

If you happen to have a store near your home, it would be very convenient. Now many cities already have self-pickup stores, and in the continuous investment promotion, I hope it will become more and more convenient in the future.

And the function of the rented one is also very good. After all, Pinsheng is very professional in making batteries.

The workmanship is very good, the plug interface is rich, enough for daily use

So I feel that if you I just want to experience camping, or occasionally camping, then I really feel that it is better to rent an outdoor power supply, because buying one or two thousand will take up space at home.

Of course if you’ve fallen in love with this lifestyle after a few camps, then I think buying one is a must!

If you stay overnight, easy-to-open tents

Tents may be the most budgeted products in camping, especially those who will go camping in very harsh environments in the wild.

But on the other hand, if you are like me, you are lightly camping, and the campsite is also a mature place. You are not in the wild and will not encounter bad weather such as strong wind and heavy rain (because friends who are generally light campers, Just relax on weekends, you will definitely check the weather forecast before going out), then the budget of the tent can be greatly reduced, because it is just to let you sleep at night, or in spring and autumn, take the children to the park, so that the children can play in the tent Place

If the demand is what I mentioned above, then instead, lightness and easy opening have become more important attributes of the tent

So I recommend this kind of customers to buy that kind Don’t buy a tent that is very professional and expensive, and needs to be nailed or assembled. You don’t want to use the tent after a few times, but it affects the frequency of use

The following GIF is from the Internet, if intrusive

the best thing to have

dandelion X4U portable WIFI+Tmall Genie, or outdoor audio

Outdoor daze, listening to music is a must, I have had 3 stages, the first stage is the mobile phone, the volume and sound quality are completely unacceptable

I used a SONY bluetooth speaker later, the sound quality and volume are very good, but the mobile phone is connected to the bluetooth, if the mobile phone swipes Douyin on the way It’s weird, and camping I’ll run around and get no signal when I run far away

I happen to have a portableWIFI is Dandelion’s X4U portable WIFI, so I created a combination of portable WIFI and Tmall Genie

With outdoor power supply, it’s not too beautiful

Dandelion X4U comes with its own built-in data card. When activated, it will send you a 10GB data trial. It was not bad at the time. More than 40 have 3000G available, 1G is about a penny, quite cost-effective. Then I looked at it, and the built-in card of Dandelion, like Huawei Skyline Card, is directly cooperated with China Unicom. At the same annual package price, it can use 1000G more per month.

I used it in the work unit before, because the work unit has no external network, if you need to access the external network, you need to connect your own WIFI , so this is now not only an indispensable tool for my work, but also can be used for travel and camping, or in the car for daily use. It is very convenient to go anywhere without having to find WiFi to reconnect.

And outdoors, sometimes not all carriers have a good signal, my dual SIM phone is Telecom and mobile, and Dandelion X4U happens to be China Unicom, so for me, it’s just right, I can have the strongest signal no matter what!

It can connect a total of 9 devices, usually enough for myself, and there is no pressure to share it with family, friends and colleagues.

In terms of speed, I tested it outdoors between 5-10M, and now 4G and 5G themselves are not too big In the case of difference, I think the speed is completely sufficient. Then, Dandelion and Sunflower remote control companies are more than ten years old companies, and the quality and after-sales are also more reliable and guaranteed. I think it is not a loss to start. If you need it, you can start.

Disposable lighters, long handles are the best

The match road is mentioned above, I don’t smoke I don’t have a lighter, so I bought it separately. I found that this kind of long-handled lighter is better for camping. It is very convenient to light. It’s hot, I think it’s very easy to use, and two or three dollars a piece, ten at a time, even if it is used daily, it’s not expensive.

Non-stick pan, or soup pot

I went camping because of the problem of having children, I don’t like to eat barbecue very much. On the contrary, I have a higher probability of cooking noodles with a firewood road + a pot. I used to use my household pot, and then the toner of the firewood road is really powerful, and it directly turned my snow-white pot black. I still can’t wash it. The following is the pot that I tried to clean after camping twice but couldn’t clean it. Originally, it was a pot that can shoot petty bourgeoisie videos, but now it has become ugly.

The combination of a folding kettle and a folding pot given to me by the public tester is very useful. This is how it is when it is stored, the volume is small. The handle on the outside is folded up and close to the body of the pot, which is very docile.

All taken out, there is a soup pot, a frying pan, a kettle, 2 small bowls, a baijie cloth

This white plastic mesh is made of PP5 material, which is a very safe one, so don’t panic when pouring hot water.

I like this handle very much, it is easy to hold, and it saves space when folded

small kettle of water As soon as it burns up, this camping feels like it’s up

Let’s have a coffee

Cook some noodles to eat, EMM I like to cook instant noodles in the wild, it tastes better than at home, hahaha

If you love barbecue, it’s always right to bring a barbecue.

This is a wise man who sees wisdom, and those who love barbecue must be indispensable< /p>

knife+small cutting board

It is not recommended that you bring large kitchen knives and chopping boards when you go out camping, because it is really inconvenient and easy to be dangerous

I choose small knives, you will not cut a lot of things outdoors, generally emergency, knife Although it’s short, it’s okay to cut a watermelon and vegetables and meat occasionally.

The same is true for the cutting board. I happen to have a very small one at home, which is just right for use.


Don’t forget the gloves!

The wood stove needs firewood, and disassembly and assembly of the wood stove is easy to get dirty hands, all carbon black

Gloves are necessary, I chose this blue rubber Yes, it’s not easy to get your hands dirty, and your opponent’s protection is good enough. It is recommended that you buy a pair of gloves that suit you.

Almost no money, but a very useful replacement

Mineral water bottle + water purifier to receive water

Outdoors, I don’t like to buy water every time, one is that it feels wasteful, The other one is for environmental protection

I now use empty bottles to fill water basically every time, and it is very convenient to have a water purifier at home

Some friends may buy this kind of water tank

But the advantage of this type of water tank is that it can store water for a long time, but I go out camping for two or three days at most, and the water is generally stored for one day, I prefer to use a gallon mineral water bottle directly Come for water.

Free and eco-friendly!

Daily C’s bottle body + screaming bottle cap seasoning bottle

This is learned from other netizens, I heard that the daily C’s bottle is PP5 , It can put oil substances, the screaming bottle mouth is very suitable for spreading oil, and the amount of oil is controllable.

Waste newspapers, as a kindling tool

This many friends will forget, for not growing up in the countryside Friends, starting a fire can be very hard.

Therefore, it is recommended that you bring waste newspapers with you. It works really well

Not practical, average-quality pit avoidance items

kerosene Lamp, unsafe, leaking kerosene

I bought a kerosene lamp for the concave shape.

The photos taken are really beautiful, but this beauty only lasts 1 time, because later I found that the cap of the fuel filler of the kerosene lamp could not be fully tightened, and the seller said it was like this. . . I can’t understand it.

So if you want to buy it, you should buy a very reliable one, or this is a disposable product, because kerosene cannot be sealed, so I throw it away after using it once. Because if I take it home, it really feels a little dangerous to put it in the trunk. Kerosene is flammable and explosive after all.

camping box

I really bought this after believing in Douyin. To prove that I am not lying, here are screenshots, 60+ one

Why can’t I speak well? Because the selling point of this thing is that it can be folded, but being foldable means that it is not strong. I feel that this thing is not only a problem of not being strong, but a design problem. The top frame originally played the role of framing the four sides. , but in actual use, this box keeps falling out, and the experience is poor! If it doesn’t work, it will fall apart! I really don’t know what to do with this box!

Now I can only use hot melt glue, stick the frame, and use it reluctantly, as a result, I lose its foldable function, then, why don’t I buy a cheap one in the first place The plastic box used! ! !

So the conclusion is:

Don’t buy this!

If you can park next to the campsite, the camper is not practical

I don’t know if you have noticed, the camper has been very popular in the past two years, but I think it depends on the situation


If your campsite is a kind of park, or a paid campground, and the parking place is generally far away from the campground, it is really necessary to buy a camper!

But if you are like me, the car is parked next to the campsite, then I don’t recommend it.

Because the camper can be folded, but it is still very large, My trunk really can’t fit.


This year’s camping is really hot

There will be very A lot of capital and media intervention

However, I feel that everyone still has to be careful when choosing camping products that are suitable for themselves. Camping is a state of mind, a kind of walking away, enjoying and getting close to the big ones. Natural opportunity, not just for a few beautiful photos

So good things for camping, I think it should be easy to use first, beauty second, really practical and useful things, maybe we Things that you already have in your daily life may also be available without spending too much money.

And some things, you have to spend money to buy a better one, otherwise it will affect the feeling and quality of camping.

After reading my article, do you have any good things for camping? Your sharing is also welcome!