A very sad poem by Wang Anshi, the wind and rain hit the garden at dusk, and the remnant chrysanthemums were scattered all over the ground.

Wang Anshi started reforming at the age of 48, and won With the support of Song Shenzong, a vigorous reform movement began. Later, we all know that Wang Anshi’s reform movement was ultimately broken and did not continue. The most important factor was that the powerful and powerful at that time were unwilling to change. After all, reform Their interests were touched, and this seemingly vigorous reform movement still failed to go forward, which became Wang Anshi’s biggest regret in his life.

Wang Anshi’s reforms in later generations have been mixed, and it was not until modern times that people gradually discovered it again. In fact, Wang Anshi’s reform was for the whole country, and he wanted to make the Northern Song Dynasty really strong. Because the interests of those powerful and powerful people were shaken, it ended in failure. Lenin, a famous proletarian revolutionary in the former Soviet Union, gave Wang Anshi a high evaluation, thinking that he was the greatest reformer of the eleventh century. It can be seen that Wang Anshi’s influence is great, not only on the history of later generations, but also on foreign countries.

Wang Anshi is not only a reformer, but also a writer, not only writing poetry Well, the words are also of their own. In addition, his prose achievements are the highest, and he was also selected into the Eight Great Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties. Some classic poems are also well-known; such as “Plum Blossom”, “Mooring on Guazhou”, “Yuan Day”, “Deng Feilai Peak”, etc., they are all masterpieces that will last forever, and every poem is a masterpiece. Very flavorful.

The author wants to share with you a relatively unpopular poem by Wang Anshi today, that is, the “Remnant Chrysanthemum”, which is also a very sad work. The whole poem is poignant and beautiful, and every sentence reveals I am sad, so reading this kind of work is also the most sad, and Wang Anshi has written all his sentimental feelings and interpretations of life into this poem, which makes this poem everywhere. It is full of sorrow, but also creates a unique beauty.

The wind and rain hit the garden at dusk, and the remnants of chrysanthemums were scattered all over the ground.

It’s a good thing to get a sprig, but the poor son is cherishing flowers.

This is a very typical seven-character quatrain. Although it is very sad, it does not write a single word for sadness. This is also one of Wang Anshi’s most brilliant points; chrysanthemums were originally very common. But for scholars and scholars, they like to write this kind of flower into poetry, so when we mention chrysanthemum now, we immediately think of plum blossom, orchid, and bamboo, which are also called four gentlemen. Chrysanthemum is not only a kind of flower, but also represents a kind of spirit, a kind of gentleman’s spirit. Everyone hopes to be a gentleman and to have the same character as chrysanthemum.

The wind and rain hit the garden at dusk, the first sentence of this opening is to let this poem create There is a sense of poignant beauty. At dusk, it rained, and the wind howled, and the wind and rain blew the garden; in the last sentence, the chrysanthemum was highlighted again. The chrysanthemum in the middle was knocked down, a layer of gold fell on the ground, and all the chrysanthemums were knocked down to the ground.

The last two sentences are very sad, and at the same time let us feel the loneliness of the poet again, as well as the helplessness in our hearts, breaking down a chrysanthemum that is blooming beautifully, I like this kind of chrysanthemum the most , Only the young master will pity this flower, for ordinary people, they will not pay attention to it. These two lines are also unique, which makes the poem more infectious and heartbreaking to read.

Wang Anshi’s poems are very charming and unique. He described his inner feelings and his own views on life. In this poem “Remnant Chrysanthemum”, he created a unique artistic conception through the wind and rain and the falling chrysanthemums. The whole poem is extremely sad, and every sentence is touching. This kind of work is most suitable for reading on rainy days. After reading each one, I believe that I will have a new view of Wang Anshi and his literary talent.