The title of the Poetry Conference “It’s not a bitter cold, but the plum blossoms are fragrant”, stumbling 78 members of the 100-person group

Children in ancient times had to memorize ancient poems, and many could only buy a selection of poems such as “A Thousand Family Poems” and “Three Hundred Poems of Tang Dynasty”. But it is different now. We have too many channels to contact ancient poetry, including the Internet, various books with rich pictures and texts, and even film and television works. But the author found a rather interesting modern, the more channels there are, the more prone to problems.

For example, the talented woman Zhuo Wenjun’s “Wish to have one heart, and white heads will not be separated”, has long been criticized. Many people read it as “I wish to win the heart of one person and stay together forever”, which is probably because many online works love to use it like this. Similarly, Su Shi’s “If you want to compare the West Lake to Xizi, light makeup and heavy makeup are always suitable”, and are often recited as “heavy makeup is always suitable for light makeup”. What the author wants to tell you in this issue is also a sentence that you often recite wrongly. At the Poetry Conference, this poem once stumped 78 masters of the Hundred People’s Group, but the 12-year-old contestant answered it smoothly. Let’s take a look at this question:

Tang Pei Xiu’s “Huang Bo Duan” In Ji Chan Master Wan Ling Lu, which one of the following famous Tang poems is correct:

1. If it is not cold to the bone, it will be fragrant of plum blossoms

2. If it is not so cold, you will win the fragrance of plum blossoms

3. If you are not so cold, you will win the fragrance of plum blossoms

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The answer to this question is B. The 12-year-old contestant answered it successfully, but the error rate of the Hundred People Group reached 78%. Afterwards, many netizens said: This baby did not watch Qiong Yao drama . Although the netizen’s remarks are joking, but there is some truth. Friends who have read Aunt Qiong Yao’s “Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms” should be familiar with this poem. At that time, Qiong Yao wrote the lyrics in the theme song, “If it is not cold to the bone, then plum blossoms will be fragrant.” A’s reason.

In fact, this ancient famous sentence comes from the Tang Dynasty poet and monk Huang Yao, which is currently an anthology in “Full Tang Poems” It is different from the version compiled by the Tang Dynasty poet Pei Xiu. The poem recorded in “Complete Tang Poems” is called “Ode to the Demonstration in the Hall”. How can the plum blossom be fragrant without being chilled to the bone.

But this question has already stipulated that it is to judge the verses in Pei Xiu’s “Huangbo Duanji Zen Master Wan Linglu”, then the answer should be found in this book, so it is B. In fact, if you look closely at the “Full Tang Poems” edition and the “Huangbo Duanji Zen Master Wan Linglu” edition, it is impossible to choose A, because there is no “where” in the ancient poems.

You can open Tang poetry and Song poetry, no poet has ever used the word “where”, Although this word is in the “Kangxi Dictionary”, it is really widely used in modern times. But “contention” is used a lot in ancient poetry, and it generally means: how. For example, Bai Juyi’s: Sincerely know that there is little style in old age, there is not a single poem in this debate.

A very simple question, the 12-year-old contestant defeated 78 members of the 100-person group, which is actually very telling. Nowadays, there are too many channels for us to understand ancient poetry. A large number of poems are used in various novels and film and television dramas. If they are used correctly, they are fine, but they are often used wrong. It is understandable that Qiong Yao’s lyrics may be written in this way to make it sound more fluent. But when children learn ancient poems, do they need to be literal? This is a question worth thinking about.

The author believes that if children are allowed to read and use incorrectly, they will lose touch with the original There is an opportunity for authentic poetry, so I still hope that everyone can be more awe-inspiring to words. When writing articles and lyrics, if you cite ancient poems, if you can make less unnecessary changes, what do you think? Discussions are welcome.