A picture to clarify: What should I do if a lung nodule is found?

Pineapple Says

Many people will find lung nodules when they go to the physical examination, but let me tell you that not all lung nodules are lung cancer, and many lung nodules are actually inflammations.

Because it is impossible to distinguish whether this place is inflammation or tumor, or scarring of tuberculosis, etc. on the image, unless the puncture sample is used to see clearly what this thing is under the microscope, it has always been before. cannot be diagnosed.

What should I do then? In fact, experts have a flowchart of nodule management, which can be searched on the Internet. Here is a part of it.

After detecting a nodule, you must first know whether you are a solid nodule, a non-solid nodule or a partially solid nodule. The more solid the nodule, the higher the risk. Sexual nodules are most likely not tumors.

Simply give you an example. If it is found to be a non-solid nodule (NS) and it is smaller than 8 mm, in fact, nothing needs to be done. I will see if it changes or disappears next year. , because it might just be inflammation.

If it is more serious, nodules larger than 15 mm, whether solid or non-solid, need attention. At this time, there are two options: if you are particularly worried, go directly to the oncology department for consultation to see if a puncture should be performed, or directly surgically remove it.

If you have a good psychological quality, or are more willing to gamble, you can consider taking anti-inflammatory drugs first, and then go for a review a month later to see if it shrinks. If it is inflammation, it may disappear after taking the medicine, so there is no need to worry. If it doesn’t change or even gets bigger, go to the oncology department for consultation at this time.

In short, if you find a pulmonary nodule, refer to the standardized process, and choose which way to go according to the size and nature of the nodule. Don’t panic.

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